Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Hermes Jypsiere

Monkey took JS shopping to escape the summer heat and this was wat happened :P

Nope...there isn't sales in Hermes....obviously!!!! Elements Hong Kong was pretty empty when we arrived, which was a good sign. Anyway Hong Kong has been really quiet during our trip last month, there was no sight of neighbouring tourists.....it's almost like the island has been plagued by some air borne disease that drove ppl far away.....away from Hong Kong.

On the upside, it's much more comfortable to walk and dine around Hong Kong with much much much fewer ppl. and that also spells more stocks for you if u are shopping :)))) Almost every boutique we went to, which ever size whichever color.....they have got it

so one bag for JS and one for Monkey :))))

she's so beautiful isn't it? even the color is so Monkey :))) Jypsiere has all the iconic DNA of Hermes, from its buckle to the beautiful leather. :))) It's a sling bag which allows for more casual usage, you can either wear it over your shoulder or shorten the strap to be worn as a handbag instead.

Multiple pockets on the inside greeted me with more glee....there's a lot of storage :)) I'm in love :))) and took her out to play last Friday for the very first time. While Mr. JS already brought his Hermes Steve Besace to work for the last one month.....as his working bag. -_-"

and this was my Birthday Pressie :)))) hehehehe thank you.

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