Thursday, July 23, 2009

Breakfast mania

this would be the typical breakfast we had
free range eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon lalalllalalalala~~~hash brown
given another choice, this would be my type of breakfast
Vietnamese pho at vietnamese town
yea....tonnes of Viets in Melbourne
their provisional stores carry full range of stuffs which amazed all of us
their wet markets have everything!!!!
pork chop vermicelli
yes anytime for oink oink :P
sliced of lemon and spicy hot chilies to wake your tastebud early in the morning
this was the typical dip....add some fish sauce innit
all vietnamese pho were served with a plate of fresh clean crunchy beansprouts
and most of all a bunch of fragrant sweet thai basil
star of the day - Beef noodle aka pho bo
Monkey ordered the one with tribes, TENDONS *my fav*, sliced beef

plucked some sweet thai basils....throw it in...n all ready to slurp slurp
*slurp slurp slurp*
as authentic as it can get :)))))))))))))))
another favourite would be the mixture of bite size spring rolls
with fillings of pork or chicken or vege

it's like treasure hunt..
n somehow lucky me...I got pork most of the time :P
JS wat u got? chicken ar?

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