Friday, July 31, 2009

Lunch at LV Elaine's

The first thing that greet us at LV Elaine's door was HUGE fluffy super friendly Luscious LuLu
she's so fluffy~~~~
everyone wanna have a pic with her!!!!
*observe the background with some monograms on it*
and she can do this trick
place a slice of treat on her nose
her eyes looking lazy here...
Luscious Lulu will wait for a cue before flipping the treat up and WHAM!!!
it was so fast I couldn't snap a pic despite numerous WHAM
LV Elaine has a beautiful Asian inspired home
can u spot her Louis Vuitton trunk which is now her coffee table?
*sigh...should have taken a closer snap*
the dining hall and a "bird nest" hanging lamp
while everyone was admiring the house, I fell in lurve with LV Elaine's pantry
it's soooooooo NEAT and FILLED with FOOOOODDDD
me and I Ching looking all stuffed and eppy eppy
thanks to the Hokkien mee galore we had 1 hour ago
remember? it's suppose to be a makan non stop day.
one hour after hokkien mee, we are all here seated together
ready to stuff our face!!!!!!
Blue Chilies Linch made this "Meang Kam"
it's a Thai delicacy/appetizer where u wrapped the leaves with chilis, onions,
ginger, dried shrimps, roasted peanuts, lemon slices and SECRET sauce
oh I had so many of these but none were wrapped by meself -_-"
monkey wrapped = all failed.....
*thank u Mr. JS for ensuring continuous feedings*
Cuppy Cake Jennifer, Blue Chilies Linh, LV Elaine, Herm C, I Ching
Hokkien Mee King, Chili Queen, Alamak Jeremy
hmmm didn't your mother taught u not to snap pic of ppl eating?
we had this vietnamese salad with prawns and belly pork
close up
observe the belly pork
*stomach rumbling now...sigh*
drizzled with sweet & sour sauce
yummy kerabu bee hoon!!!!
lurve the bunga kantan aka ginger flowers innit
Luscious LuLu is hungry too!!!!
but no human food for her :P
awesome fried kuey teow with pork lards on the side
Luscious Lulu still begging for food
me missing her already :))))))))))

This was only round 2...
after this galore, we went to Dangdenong

our stomachs were bottomless that day
or more like made to be one on that particular Sunday

In a nutshell, the YEOWs can really indulgence


Tsu Lin + + said...

CHERRY! I wanna cry when I saw this because :

1. The LV chest! I heart it very much.. so so much. But i thk if i buy, then hv to sell off our car.

2. Her Asian-themed house is sooo beautiful *TL takes notes*

3. SO BEAUTIFUL n delish-looking food. Can cook, can decor, can be good bizwoman. I am so envious.

4. I saw she has a very beautiful Nyonya furniture (yellow colour).

5. LOVE!

6. Lulu!
Thanks for the wonderful photos...

CHER-RY said...

TL: pls dun cry!!!! u can go visit her when u are back in melbourne :))) I didn't get to visit her boutique time. :P

sell off the car in exchange for LV trunk??? errrrrr......