Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fifteen by Jamie Oliver, Melbourne

this post is dedicated to Hot Mama Thevi
for she already requested about Fifteen while Monkey was still in Melbourne
It's situated at Collin Street right at the back of Hermes
we were driving around looking for Hermes
Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Mont Blanc and voila~~~~~~
on this lil lane with its bright pink signage
u cannot miss it!!!!
when u step in.......this is wat u'll see
the kitchen itself :))))))))))))
the bar area with funky lights
excellent italian sausage with lentils and sweet relish
carpaccio alla cremonese with rockets, shaved parmesan, 25 year old de negris balsamic
at AUD 18 = RM 54

I lurve this tea lite u call it tea lite when there's no candle?
or do u call this oil lamp?

Monkey asked the waiter where to get this....and sweet waiter went to find out

"I'm so sorry maam, the company that made this has closed down."
Monkey: "yea coz u didn't buy enuff!!!"
wicked Sicilian fisherman stew, a Fifteen classic with local mussels, pipies, prawns, calamari and fish of the day
with saffron potatoes, grilled sourdough and dill aioli AUD39 = RM 117
baked baby snapper was excellent!!!
perfectly baked!!!
pan roasted pork chop glazed with brown sugar, homemade red wine vinegar
AUD 38 = RM 114
it was winter in Australia so root vegetables were in season
roasted parsnip, pumpkin, potatoes
Fifteen Melbourne has a more cosier setting than the one in London
notice the bouquet of red tulips?
couple beside us were celebrating a special occasion :)
kinda forgotten wat was this but it was a Fifteen's classic
this almond semi freddo was so yummy
we had 3x servings
cosy place with simple fresh food
think I prefer the London's menu.

Click here to read about our visit to Fifteen London *here*

Fifteen Melbourne
Basement, 115-117 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +61 3 9639 7586


aisan said...

I went to the one in London..hee hee...enjoyed it thoroughly...this was what I wrote and ate when I was there:

CHER-RY said...

Aisan: Hi there!!! Yes I think the London one is way much better!!!