Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wicked Hokkien Mee

oh yup...we were still at Chili Queen's home
since there are continuous supply of endless chilis...she made them into dried chilis
another type of tulipy flowery chili all ready to be made into chili pickles
never knew we can get Kaffir limes in Australia :P
Hokkien Mee King = Si Fu Lawrence's dad
dun play play...he's really a hokkien mee king
cooked upon request by miss Monkey
the smell of the fragrant seafood + egg noodles made my stomach played its symphony no. 5
what's life without these in the Yeow's household???
Hokkien King threw a handful into his hokkien mee
Chili Queen also made fried chicken wings with CAYENNE pepper
saw that lil dried roasted chili on the right hand corner of the pic?
that's spicy CAYENNE pepper
more cut chilis on the table
this one has a shorter length and less spicier
AWESOME WICKED hokkien mee with CRISPY PORK LARDSSSSSS on the side
*just look at them!!!*
really yummy breakfast
yes folks, the above was for breakfast :P
lurve this home made wicked spicy belacan with tonnes of chilis + lemon

oh no...I'm so hungry looking at the above


Tsu Lin + + said...

SF Lawrence told me the secret ingredient to the Hokkien Noodle is some kind of fish stock or something?! Why you nvr document the whole cooking process??

CHER-RY said...

TL: errrmmm coz I was busy touring the garden :P U can ask him for the recipe!!!!!