Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too3K at Zeta Bar

we crashed into Zeta Bar with a purpose
nyek nyek nyek
also checking out the new band playing - Too3K
hailed from North's certainly entertaining
*oh well I shouldn't compare with the previous band*
Birthday Gal Sexay Back Maggie, Devi Gaga, Beautiful CS
Devi Gaga was looking all foxy and ready to prowl
I admired this woman's energy and her bubbly personality

well the place was packed to the brim hence no room to prowl
with all the mak datuks tan sris and their line of bodyguards

Monkey then complained to Sharoness a few days later.......
"Almost 30% of the club was fulled with bodyguards ok!!!!!"
Sharoness: "Yes I know........and they are alll so UGLY!!!"

Monkey -_-"
Sharoness: "And they ARE THE ONE....beating up those ppl who caused trouble~~~~"

"not your bouncers??? their BODYGUARDS???"
Sharoness: "Exactly!!!"
*pouts her beautiful lips*

"Good for u....u have ppl working at your club for free."
so despite all we managed to have a great time
lurve all the numbers performed by Too3k

Monkey and Sexay Back was deciding who's hawter
Sexay Back: "I think Stuart is so cute!!!"
"Yea yea yea but Corey is also cute :)))))))))))))"

well Sharoness just informed that Corey is leaving the band soon...
erm is this true?
sorry folks no pics of Stuart nor Corey...
they were moving like 2 fast bullets,
couldn't get their pics :P

Too3k is perfoming at Zeta Bar, Hilton KL until Oct 09
Sexay Back, when are we coming back again?
*can scrap Waikiki Too liao*

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