Saturday, July 04, 2009

Driving around Mornington

Mornington Peninsula is about 40km away fr the city
famous for its wineries and golf courses at every corner as we drove.
*rollsssss eyesssss*

it's really a kampung area
and I saw so many Moo Moo cows grazing the greens

"oooooo that's my dinner!!!! yum yum Angus beef...and the other one there probably a wagyu."
I Ching & Monkey drove around the country side
while waiting for the men to finish whacking their 18 holes at Moonah Links

visiting chocolates factories, mazes, local producers, apple farm, cherry farm, berries farm, poultry farm.......
I swear I've known Mornington by my heart after this!!!
*there's beer factory, cheese factory which we have yet to find time to visit*
we stopped by the road side near to the National Park
ventured 10 minutes inside and found a beautiful cliff for us to snap pics :))))))))
in fact we could have walked even further down but the wind was
my my my.......
almost blown this Monkey outta sight!!!!!

it's getting colder here

more reason to pile on food into my tummy(ies)
tmrw = makan session fr dawn till dusk at Si Fu Lawrence Mommy's place

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