Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Arthurs Seat

Arthurs Seat is located at Mornington Peninsula
stood at 305m above sea level
sure it's not that high but the view was spectacular
there's a chairlift all the way up but was closed
*according to sources, too many accidents :P*
from up here at its peak u'll get an amazing view of Port Philip Bay
and also Melbourne's skyline which is 75km away
and also the view of the sea
Flinders about 14km away *where all the wineries are*
Cape Schanck has a nice lighthouse 16km
Red Hill 33km, more wineries

well this was wat us ladies did
I Ching n Monkey
drove aimlessly according to the GPS
stopped at attractions, munching on food, cam-whoring
most of all enjoyed all the amazing views.

good way to explore the Mornington Peninsula
when the men were whacking 18 holes till their arms came off

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