Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rockpool Bar & Grill by Neil Perry

ahem ahem
Neil Perry said: "The cornerstone of good cooking is to source the finest produce"
well he's damn right!!!!

Neil Perry owns a few CRITICALLY acclaimed restaurants
and Rockpool Bar & Grill is a "sister" to Rockpool in Sydney
less formal...it is a upmarket steakhouse
well u'll know wat I mean when I said upmarket.
slabs of meat in a temperature + humidity controlled room
with tags labelling their age
age = number of days after they were slaughtered
12th June 09 was they day they became slab of meat :P
it were dry aged to:
13 days
30 days
48 days
50 days
57 days
62 days
the amount of tender loving care taken to age these meat
it better be good
crudo of ocean trout, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, hiramasa kingfish...
served with fresh horseradish, coriander, lime and lemon flavoured oil
AUD 29
this one is a must have!!!!
slow cooked egg with bone marrow on brioche with red wine sauce
AUD 19
all of us were fighting for the bone marrow :P
prawns with handcut Linguini and spicy prawn oil AUD 30
well all of us were still so stuffed from Red Hill estate
no appetite nor space in the stomach to accommodate steaks

ARGH GAHHHHH everyone were so frustrated looking at its excellent menu
esp Mr. JS who almost wanted to fight with his cutleries dy.
so JS had an excellent lobster omelette with prawn sauce AUD 36
it was so good that we were all nibbling from his plate
I Ching had this lovely spicy mussels and saffron stew with wood fire grilled seafood and aioli
AUD 39
and nyek nyek nyek
Monkey had her long awaited Black Lip Abalone steak Meuniere 600g
AUD 140
we had their very last bottle of Chambolle Musigny, Comte Georges de Voguet
Black Forest Triffle inspired by Fat Duck's BFG AUD20
*I wanna go to Fat Duck, England but reservation like 6 months in advance???*
creme brulee with prunes and armagnac AUD 19
numerous awards lining its wall
the cooking station with good looking and not so good looking chefs
with all the fresh meat and seafood being wood fire grilled
and we didn't even try their steak!!!!

hence we decided to make another trip 3 days later
will blog bout it some other day.

Rockpook Bar & Grill
Crown Complex, Southbank,
Victoria 3006, Australia.
Tel: +61 03 8648 1900

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