Monday, August 11, 2008

Seafood at Tg. Tokong, Penang

Tg Tokong is very near to Gurney Drive
about 5 mins drive minus the jam.

from the main road, u'll see PKR flags waving,
mamaks in their kapchai motorbikes
roti canai, nasi kandar stores here n there.

"U sure we are going to a temple???"
Yes after all the chaotic kapchais,
we saw a small road leading to a temple,
and this seafood restaurant sat at the cape of Penang island
facing the South China Sea.

the temple itself = Tua Pek Kong/Tai Pak Kong Temple
the makan place = Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe
cockles for appetizer,
not many ppl have a thing for this bloody molusc.
eat while it's HOT!!!
BBQ prawn with sea salt
Zoom in!!!
nice leh?
crispy deep fried squid tentacles
u can choose:
1) only tentacles
2) only squid rings
3) mixture
with salt & pepper aka Jiu Yim
my favourite got to be this!!!
oyster omelette
I lurve to zoom in to make my readers salivate
*esp Nee Lee*
fried rice with lotsa eggs
eggs > rice
this place ain't cheap, one small plate of fried rice = RM 7
fried vege = RM 10

According to Prince C, it's the most expensive place in town.
our ten ringgit fried vege
but it has such good "wok hei" = essence imparted by a hot wok onto the food
and of coz grilled sting ray with their special sauce
this place is quite full so be sure to come early,
must try their crabs,
but 4 of us *I-Ching, Prince C, JS*
were too lazy to peel its shells.
too lazy to spend time eating outdoor with mosquitoes.

I met the whole jing gang of BMW team there with their German bosses.
all busy sucking molusc.

"Hey....where r u bunking in tonite?"
"Aren't u staying at xxxsome boring placexxx?"

"NO. I thought I saw half the parking lot in my hotel blocked for BMW Group?"
"Yes my bosses are staying there, lemme introduce."

it was too difficult to shake hands with all the oily fingers
fr the yummylicious crabs.
we then walked to the parking area facing the Temple,
where a show has begun for the wandering spirits.

"Can we watch?"
coz there were no spectators nor audiences at all.
"it's for the spirits ler....let's cabut to Gurney Drive to eat!!!!"

and we drove off for dinner number 2 on the same nite.

Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe,
338 MK 18, Tangung Tokong,
Penang 10470.
Tel: +604 899 0375


neil said...

Argh! Nee Lee is salivating at the oh jien pic, but not that much, since she'd just had her (super awful @%&$#) lunch...

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: I'm so sorry u had a bad lunch but I am craving for that damn Oh Jien now!!!!