Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mun Choong Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh

Mun Choong = Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
locals known it as Mun Choong
Prince C in chinese......
he's known as that in Ipoh where ppl greet him in such a noble way.
If only he treats them nobly...hehehehe
four dishes for four of us
first came the braised abalone in superior stock,
totally awesome.
JS was watching me enjoying my meal.

JS: "Aiyerrrr, one abalone to yourself."

Prince C complained for 30 minutes and refuse to have his
coz he ordered the black abalone
"I'm not gonna pay for this!!!!"

Don't eat those ler, though it costs a few bombs,
they are near to extinction ok!!!
my favourite dish got to be this GIGANTIC mantis prawn
they were about 30cm in length,
that's the length of my ruler OK.
chinese called them "pissing prawn" coz they tend to pissed when u cook em,
these days, all the mantis prawns are speared to induce them
to evacuate their bowels.
oh yummy yummy yummy
u have to pre-order this and Mun Choong don't usually sell this,
wat to do, Prince C is here to dine...
He gets what he wants.

Cost price at source *Pantai Remis* would be RM 20 per prawn.

due to laziness and convenience,
we got the waiter to dissect the side with scissors.
definitely finger licking good.
sashimi of geoduck
pronounce as "gooey duck"
it's not a duck,
but a giant clam - the largest burrowing clam in the world.
it's about USD 65 per kilo.

it has a crunchy texture and sea salt sweetness in it.
eaten with soy sauce and wasabi.
I prefer mine in a hot pot of sweet wolfberry *kei chee* soup
just cook it under 10 seconds for that perfect crunchiness.

it's expensive as geoduck is regarded for its "attributes"
enhancement male performance?????
kua kua kua

these chinese really do know how to drive something high
like shark fins, black bear gall gladders, birds nest, bla bla bla
got to be the good marketing.
I call that good bullshitting
this superior tofu have to be pre-ordered as well.
so soft it melts in your mouth.

Ipoh makes good tofu, soy bean, produce fat bean sprouts
thanks to its landscape,
notice the beautiful mountain in Ipoh?
all the limestone hills?

Limestones are calcarous and increase the PH level of the water,
it hardens the water.
hence good water produce good food and beautiful gals with beautiful skin.

Mun Choong Seafood Restaurant aka
Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
57-65 Jalan Verasamy,
Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 605 241 9348

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