Monday, August 18, 2008

Feringgi Grill, ShangriLa Penang

we had a candlelight dinner in Penang,
yes in PENANG.

drove all the way to the other side of the island
to Shangri-La Batu Ferringi.

Prince C:"I want to drop my wife here. See she's wearing Escada. Cannot walk."
looking at I-Ching's dainty swarovski heels
when in actual fact, he wanted to show off his spanking Cayenne.
hard unappetizing bread,
guess I'm getting older......I am goin for softer ones.
tomato and tuna with alfafa.
tasted very green
US oysters were a big let down.
U do not wash your oysters with water

anyway we gave a huge complaint to the restaurant manager.
and he wanted to replace us with more fresh osyters.

I don't understand why they served sandwiches with the oysters.
Penang style?????
totally wasted with this amazing Salon
regarded as one of the most expensive champagne in the market.
*this baby cost RM 880 wholesale price, retail = RM 1200*

made fr 100% chardonnay without any pinot noir.
and currently owns by Laurent Perrier.
but that does not mean Laurent perrier has good champagne ok!!!

they were just lucky to have bought over Salon.
carpaccio of beef with parmesan and toasted pine nuts
foie gras, well u guessed it right...
someone was having this that nite.
I-Ching & Prince C
it's never easy goin out to makan with this Prince.
for he has the tastebud of a KING.
I settled for very conservative selection that nite,
tomato and mozzarella with balsamic.
Passion fruit sorbet
JS with his wine glass as alwiz
JS's yummy pasta with prawn oil
my mistake,
didn't know why the hell I ordered chicken that nite,
it wasn't tasty at all.
our dessert was prepared on the spot.
mango crepes with grand marnier
Feringgi Grill
Shangri-La Hotel
Batu Feringgi Beach
11100 Penang
Tel: +604 888 888 *yes that's their number*

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