Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Launch of Mini Cooper S

Actually it was the launch of
one of Sapura's many showroom
which was like 2 mins away fr my place

I was thinking what the heck for a Friday nite.
and so I went to bored myself with a really uneventful event
which I left after 60 mins.
I never like Mini Cooper
JS wanted to get a new car for me 2 months ago
and actually suggested this

coz I-Ching was getting one in blue as well.
Why?? buy 2 together can get cheaper izzit?

the dashboard was amazingly......amazingly......
basically this car is so not me.

so small just like chicken coop.
*apologies to mini fans but this is car is not for me*

Beautiful CS: "U get JS to buy and I'll have the car on Saturday!!!"
So Hilt Sharon: "and I'll take it on Sunday"

Shaan, Beautiful CS, Monkey, So Hilt Sharon
and they didn't serve alcos on that nite....
well, I am no trying to sound like "someone" who will die without alcos
*dying while holding the mic and screaming I need beer!!!!!*

but where's the fun without alcos and serving us fruit punch with a cute cherry in it.
*So Hilt Sharon munched on all of it.....*
Sherri and Joey
thanks to these group of beautiful ladies
it made the launch bearable.
the men were ogling at us...
while we were busy ogling at those downstairs.
chicken coops in all colours and design
ex-RAPRians - Lyanna, Pam, Joey, Shaan, Beautiful CS, So Hilt Sharon
we then head to delicious for dinner
also to celebrate Joey's belated b-day!!!
YESSS make your wish!!!
cozy and chic
Me and So Hilt Sharon
We need to have another drink soon at your joint - Zeta Bar.
Cam-whores of the group
well we take good pics so why not?
All of us
us after 3 rounds of martinis
later, the two cam-whores headed next door at 7atenine
for more drinks...
coz I was in need to celebrate something personal which I can't share here.
outside D Marc Residence!!
We also want ONE unit EACH!!!

currently selling at RM 1250 p/sqft
that's about RM 3.5 mil for 2,800 sqft

Delicious at D Marc Residence
Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

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