Friday, August 08, 2008

Moussandra @ KL Plaza

Lu Ai found this place for our dinner,
I was like KL Plaza????
There's a Mediterranean restaurant in KLP???
How come I didn't know????
and it has been there all along since 12 years ago.
Moussandra is romantically litted by candles
hence all the pics were poorly taken
unless using flash.
on a magnum bottle.
throughout our stay, I think they've litted around 8 candles.
Ass Kickin Vonne and Monkey
she's still busy with her new gadget which is not new anymore.

Ass Kickin Vonne: "Can u ask JS what is this BKT, Bak Kut Teh."
pointing to a small button on her Nikon.
*why must be bak kut teh? why not Bukit?*

Why don't I set an appointment with him and urself...
u go ask him BKT, LBD, BBC, CNBC whatever.

Go challenge yourself..
click here BASF Conscience Camera Award 2008
Mommy Connie & Lu Ai
Mommy Connie just got back to work after 2 months
u slimmed down damn fast leh.

and Lu Ai was stressing over her wedding preparation.
hey congrats on your new job ya.

and poor Ass Kickin Vonne,
keep a knife under your pillow ya
when Lu Ai gonna be your housemate in like...erm 3 weeks time?
starter of pumpkin soup
and some tapas
but I came for this....Souvlaki
the whole day while at work
I was chanting to myself
"Souvla souvla souvla souvla tonite!!!!!"
chicken souvlaki
read about Marios making superb Souvla for this Monkey back in Cyprus *here*
Su San was asking us to stop snapping pic of her like some mad papparazzi
the moment she sat down,
both Ass Kickin Vonne and Monkey automatically lifted up our respective cameras
and went *snap snap snap snap flash flash flash flash*

Su San came at erm...bout dessert time = 9.15pm
after her Japanese language class.
*I only know nihon, toro, hamachi, ooni, sony, mitsubishi, takeshi :P*

Earlier in the late afternoon, I got a call:
unidentified number: "Hey! Where are u now?"
Monkey: "Wey! Who are you?"

unidentified number soon to be identified: "........*growling*........."
unidentified number very soon to be identified: "I am FOO SU SAN lar!!!!!!!"

Monkey: "Oooooo when did u change your number?"
Su San: ".......*more growls*........ I've changed it 2 years ago OK!!!"

Monkey: "then who have I been sms-ing all these years???"
Ass Kickin Vonne unveiled~~~~

Monkey: "How was your HK trip?"
Vonne: "Good."

Monkey: "and Hard Rock Cafe?"
Vonne: "I didn't go. Someone gave me this shirt."

anyway I wish u all the best when Lu Ai gonna bunk at your place
until she'll be married off.
but I am sure she can double up as your maid as well.

Sub Lot B-8, Mezzanine Floor,
KL Plaza,
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.


licheng said...

Sorry I missed this fun outing!

1 more word you should definitely know... oishii!! hahha

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Everyone was asking me where were u. -_- Chai in US lar!!!