Monday, August 25, 2008

Kome Japanese Restaurant, Keppel Club

I-Ching with super notti Brian & Tremian
the only way to keep them down = nintendo
the only way to keep this monkey down = FOOD
hiak hiak hiak
gigantic oyster from Japan = kaki
it's really big,
compare it with the lemon.
fresh sea urchin straight fr its shell,
u'll never like those fresh ones on the box anymore after this.
oooOoooo gimme more!!!!
that's a lil dollop of fresh wasabi in the middle
last time I thought burgs can't go with jap at all,
but now.....totally lurve it.
I never seem to be able to remember all those fishes I ate,
need a small notebook next.
and I've seem to forgot to inform Chef to gimme 1 piece instead of 2
during the sashimi courses.
braised japanese squid
seared torro? I thought I've informed Chef no torro for me.
grilled saba fish
raw japanese cockle
chef dissected everything carefully,
removed all the yucky part and left the crunchy meat intact.

still the idea of eating huge clam the size of a lemon was scary,
Si Fu Lawrence uses this to fry kuey teow at home.
so exp leh.
I can't remember how many courses we had,
but it was a noble banquet I must say.
weird fresh seaweed with grated ginger,
acquired taste I must say.
grilled japanese squid
looked at those glasses
ooni fry rice?
fresh from Japan
wagyu with enoki mushrooms
who brought this?
both were totally awesome
the boys are into vougeot now.
the "boys"
crispy deep fried bhutan head.
my clam soup....with a huge clam innit.
japanese melon + japanese grapes.
just make sure u ask them if it's from Japan,
otherwise don't waste time.
eppy face coz dessert was on the way
yuzu ice cream with real yuzu inside,
Fukuya in Msia serves those normal ones :((
black sesame ice cream
4 SCOOPS!!!!!!???!!??!?!?!
only HE can consume that much.......
stomach's CC like the CC of his car.
JS, Si Fu Lawrence, Prince C
Kome Japanese Restaurant
10 Bukit Chermin Road,
Keppel Club
Tel: +65 6273 0118

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