Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Best wishes to u on this special day,
May you achieve all your dreams and goals,
May beauty be upon u alwiz
and most of all may your future husband....
sings like Jacky C
but most important of all may he look like Jacky C!!
Thank you for your friendship,
which I cherished a lot,
Thank you for your thoughtfulness,
for an unthoughtful person like me.

Thank you for your advice all the time,
though I am older than you *shhhhhhh*
Thank you for everything that you have done,
for a monkey like me. :))))

so sit back and enjoy this special day,
and MONKEY gonna SEE YOU in less than 12 hours.
*excited excited excited*

No, I am not goin to throw u any eggs nor bananas,
but hugs and kisses.

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