Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm no longer "Petite"

Shopping in Paragon Singapore is such a bliss,
everything that I like are housed under one roof.

*off topic*
both of us desperately highly in need of a new huge wardrobe.
It's just too full that it can no longer accommodate our new apparels.
For the current wardrobe,
we just spent 16 months stuffing it from scratch.

Back to my post:
I saw this "another black dress" adorned by the mannequin,
that I kept chanting to myself...
must have must have must have must have
Armani Exchange Black Tulip Dress *minus the white crisp shirt*
as usual Monkey will reach for the smallest size,
which spells PETITE = P on its tag

in their comfy fitting room,
I was uncomfortably trying to fit into it.

Oh damn....must be the push up bra.
took it off and I still can't zip up!!!!!

"BABY!!!! can u go and get the next size for me plleeasssseeeeeeeee."
"Which one? which piece? u took so many in."
"ASK THE DAMN STAFF. They knonwwwwwwww."

and my new size came which was....
SIZE 0 (zero), after size P *petite*....

drum roll please...
more like bang my head pls and kill me as well.

"Pssttt...come me to zip up."

after a few attempts,
"I don't want to spoil the zip.....if only I can take off this piece of fat."
*pinching me*
" grrRRRRRRrrrr. WAT FAT????"

"err, this piece of meat i mean. Heeeeeeeeee."
"OUT OUT U GO and get me a bigger size!!!!"

and finally SIZE 2 was the most suitable one,
and black face Monkey came out.

"U sooo got to buy this dress for me for hurting my feelings."
giving me the biggest grin, "No prob babe."

I soooo got to lose weight....coz the next shopping wasn't flattering either.
DKNY black wool-cashmere coat
I saw the fuchsia one but JS said black is more flattering,
OK get the black one...

"NO baby, get a bigger size...this is too small."
"It's SMALL SIZE of coz it's SMALL"

Anyway I was checking for pics of my purchases above,
it's so cheap in United States....
it cost about 2.5X here in Malaysia and 2X inSingapore.
Our currency is soooo sooooo sooooo uncompetitive.
*and so is my weight!*

Time to eat less,
drink less,
snack lesser,


neil said...

if you're fat, then I must be OBESE and... joo must be....... *pls don't kill me*

CHER-RY said...


I just want back my size: Petite, that's all.

Support me!!

Odin Cards said...

*glares at neil's 3 eyes

licheng said...

hey, we are both in the same boat! i increase a pant size and even tops occasionally increase a size too..huwaaaaaaaaa..from size '0' to '2' man...i need to lose that 'fat' too!

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: I think u better get a sunshade coz someone glaring at u with such intensity

Joo: You are sweet and I lurve u the way you are :)))

Chai: Yaaay!!! Let's do it together. :)))) Do they have good diet pill in US?

neil said...

sorry, joo! :D

girls, after you beranak, you will permanently increase 1 or 2 sizes. for some women, shoe size also increase!

Odin Cards said...

That's going on intensive training to reduce my cloth sizes...(at least the pants) :P

Hopefully, will see some results in couple of months ^^