Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fat ass (Face) in the making

Finally there's one Friday where
Chef Ando don't have to see my Monkey face.
coz I was at Cilantro.
Terrine of Scallop in grilled pepper sauce
Cilantro's signature dish
Unagi with foie gras
We brought a burgundy...
I am confirmed a burg person,
don't like bordeux anymore.
Notes from sommelier: "Floral."
JS ordered some abalone pasta with sea urchin and seaweed sauce.
it looks fugly...
while I had an open food - not in menu.
maine lobster in wine reduction sauce.
I'm gaining weight on my face,
Mommy said it means wealth.

Why can't the weight and fat shift to some other body parts???
petit four!!!!
actually not really...shrunk fr sponge cake to chocolates.
JS gave me an irritated duckie look
coz I said he doesn't look good in DARK BLUE.

That's the thing when u go shopping without your GF...
sumore at Banana Republic...
go lar, buy sumore. BUY.

Opinions fr a Queen like me is truly important.

off the record:
Busy lately. Had to cari makan. And cari extra. JS is proud that I am a self-sustaining person. Hmm...if u want that reverse also can. I'll leech on to u. Muahahahaha.

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