Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Dear Nee Lee,
I dunno wat makes you snap the pic above,
but u sure looked cute as hell.

File pic taken in 1999
We came a long way...
it's been some years *and I can't count anymore coz I have alzheimer*
the time from House no. 12 till HB3 2014
*I got it right have I????*

those sweet memories can't be taken away.

*and some bad memories shared too*

File pic taken in 2001
Now that we are besar panjang *and also lebar*
time spent together were countable
*any alzheimer can count in this case*

I just wished that we can go back in time,

and appreciate those moments even more.
Rather than be so anti social....
and spent more time with our own computers.
the thing that I am happy about the most is,
we are still so in touch together....*all thanks to YahhooooOOooo*
that spells how much we loved to spend time with our computers.
Have a merry Happy Birthday here!!!
don't remind me that we share the same number ok?

Thank you for everything,
your guidance, patience, advice, companion, sometimes your tears,
your maggi mee, milo, mushroom soup....
and most of all..
for loving Monkey in the most perfect way any friend could!

Nee Lee, Mee Mee, Sizuka

and so we decided to meet up like after so many years......
Nee LeeSizuka = 6 years
Nee Lee Mee Mee = 5 months
Nee Lee Monkey = 2 months

SizukaMee Mee = 5 years
SizukaMonkey = 4 weeks

Mee MeeMonkey = 5 years

and we had a sumptuous lunch @ Bodoh Bodoh (Bumbu Bali)
in Puching (Puchong) instead of the Hut Cafe (Kafe Pondok)
Later we crashed into Mee Mee new home,
and yak yak yak yak till evening.

Poor Sizuka had to leave early coz her big baby is having
gum/tooth/face ache...
and of coz we cam-whored with Mee Mee's soft toy fr Disney HK...
the lil green man!!!!
I guess lil green man bcame the highlight of the afternoon.

Hugs and kisses....

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neil said...

Thanks so much for everything bee ree. And your camera captured my 3 eyes to perfection... :)

Odin Cards said...

Nee Lee's picture damn cute! Should have bought the blue costume together....^^

Mee Mee, Bee Ree, Nee Lee, Shizuka aka Shell Shell.....names are damn funny leh lol

J and Mee Mee = Last year meet up with Kim Kim and others
J and Bee Ree = Uni!
J and Nee Lee = Some months ago bumped into her @ cyberjaya
J and Shizuka = A month or so...hopefully this Sunday :D:D

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Quick!! go buy your green costume...

Joo: You are so sweet lar. For future gatherings we must include you. :))

Unknown said...

ya ya, must include me ;) I'll be the rose among the thorns...eh....thorns among the roses...then can fetch you girls around ;)

CHER-RY said...

yes Joo, you can take us to all the nice makan place in CHERAS!!!

neil said...

wow... fetch us around and bring us to nice makan place in cheras... *3 eyes brimming with tears of appreciation*