Monday, October 01, 2007

Beautiful Historical Malacca

Last Saturday,
Monkey played tourist guide to my only tourist,
in beautiful Malacca.
Monkey drove and we reached around noon,
and headed for a sumptuous lunch.
yes it was a luxury for me coz I don't get this everyday,
poor JS....he is not a "chicken" person.
they serve steamed/roasted duck or chicken,
also roast/bbq pork.
and their sweet juicy bean sprouts.
Malacca Baba & Nyonya Museum
It was also JS's first time.....

China chinese + local = Peranakan (baba nyonya)
baba = men
nyonya = ladies

"So meaning u are a nyonya lar??"
"I think I'm also a peranakan lar........coz my yada yada yada yada yada."

got a very interesting gene.

Malacca Christ Church,
they still hold services's an Anglican church.
since we looked so touristee,
ppl think that we are "kim-chee" (koreans)

"Where are you from?"
He wished the fountain will sprinkle on him,
and bestow him with more $$$$$.
Oh yea it was a blarddy hot day.
"How far more to go???"

Then we climbed the steps to St.Paul Hill...
huff and puff.....
so steep!!
like climbing Mt. Kinabalu,
I took so long to reach the destination.
the rocks got eroded by time, wind, seawater.
The ruins of St Paul Church,
it was part of the fort built by my ancestors....
the Portuguese.
JS waited quite some time for "this old lady" to reach the top,
the view fr this ruins was breathtaking...
it was so HOT that we seek shelter whenever possible....
"YAYYYYY got shade!!!"
Took so much efforts to climb...
I need to spend some time sloth-ing.
Weather was scorching hot....damn~~~~
JS and his fav toy

When he was young,
he wanted to join the Navy.
So Monkey brought him to the Navy Museum.
and this is my fav~~~~
if only all my work related problems can be solved
by shoving this at ppl's mouth!!!

"say YES m'aam or i'll shoot!!"
DAMN!!! I looked good maneuvering this machine!!
I want one!!!!
Baba Cendol,
with palm sugar.

then at nite we headed for seafood
at Sg. Duyong...
best Ikan Bakar in town.

By the way...
Holiday Inn is open!!!
will stay there next round...
we crashed into Equatorial this time.

Not many pics this trip..
busy week here,
coz I need to build my new home at Pavilion.


neil said...

I can't believe you didn't have oh jien. What were you thinking?!


CHER-RY said...

Alzheimer strike me then!!! hehehehe