Thursday, October 02, 2014

Erawan Tea Room, Bangkok

lovely icy cold Lemonade. Awesome on a smoking hot day in Bangkok. This isn't the first time I'm posting about Erawan Tea Room. So it's kinda like a must go whenever you are in town for its comfy ambience and amazing food. How I saw its price list crept over the years from 240 baht for a tea set to 380 baht and during festive seasons like Christmas it would be hovering around 450 baht.

Look!!! it's the same plate and cutleries as those in our room :))) Lovely lotus leaf platter.

This one must order....crispy fried fermented pork, to be eaten with bird eye chilis, chopped ginger and fragrant lime, some chives and crispy fresh cabbage. Basically this is like a street food which u can get anywhere in Bangkok. Somehow it's just nicer to be able to enjoy them in a proper setting like this.

My "towering high" hi-tea set - according to JS but it's definitely not as high as Baiyoke tower in Bangkok.

So let's see wat we have here. Some thai pork sausages, steamed otak, dumplings, kataifi prawns, pomelo salad and a chiang mai sausage. I lurve their sausages!!! so yummy!!!

banana fritters, pipping hot scones, my favourite kanom krog, beautiful cute "loke chubs", a chocolate cake :)))) happy days are here!!!!

every trip bounds to have something different. The main star on this platter was the mango sticky rice, this time around they served the choco cigar with toasty sesame seeds on it, and the famous traditional Thai desserts

bcoz I lurve the crab meat dumplings so much, we had to order more!!! hahahahaha. Freshly made and steamed upon ur order.

sorry pic wasn't great....hands must be shaking from over-excitement of all the food....and it's only for high tea :P Deep fried chicken with turmeric

Another Thai Pork Satay with fragrant rice. This is like almost a meal on its own!!!!

Prawn toast served with cucumber pickles on the side. There's so much of eggs around the toast I could not see the bread!!! so the yummsss~~~~~this was really a bomb in my mouth bcoz it's just so darn good. Must order!!! in terms of price, nothing really cost a bomb here...everything was just so affordable with such finesse and quality from the food, taste, texture and presentation. Not to mention 5 stars service.

and because I'm so into their crispy shell kanom krog with soft creamie fillings, Monkey had to order another plate. U can choose between fillings of sweet corns, spring onions or yam.

Whatever it is, this one u must order. I kinda forgotten wat it's called in Thai nor English coz when it comes to Thailand....JS speaks and writes That, so he did all the talking + ordering. My best bet would be to show them this awesome pic and your platter of crispy crunchy fermented fried pork will be served in no time. Pipping hot!!!
Erawan Tea Room
Level 2, Hyatt Erawan Hotel,
494 Ploenchit Road,
Bangkok 10330.
Tel: 662 250 7777

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