Friday, October 03, 2014

Away Notice

*pic pic taken by JS in May 2013*

It's been a while perhaps you've missed me a little, just as much as I missed your toasty cafe au lait...the aroma of crispy warm croissants, doesn't matter even it flaked so much, down on my top as I munch u with deep satisfaction.

Tottering down the narrow cobbled streets proved to be a favourite past time, seeking new treasures along the way. Spending time at the museums and art galleries are such a novelty with you, just because there's so much to be discovered.

As we glided down the terrain and played with soil......the beautiful grapes, the artisanal hands that touch the vines, the terroir and finally the energy of the Universe that speaks to all of you, like an orchiestra. Bio dynamic wines, how much I love thee~~~~

So I guess it's me who missed you so much....definitely way much more than you missed me huh? France, you are so worthy of my love so do welcome me with grace, elegance and new experiences.


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