Tuesday, September 30, 2014

In and Out trip to Singapore

with Luke and ZiLing. Both of them were so eppy, dazzling shining brighter than all the diamonds presented by prestigious brands that evening.

Last week Monkey flew into Singapore for work. Supposed to be stealth mode but then again friends will not forgive me if I ever do that again. Work was like usual, event was like usual as well, everything went "as usual" but no complaints bcoz we must alwiz make lemons outta lemonade right?

When I needed some "fix" to cure myself, I just needed walk down the road to Caveau to meet some familiar friendly faces and even more familiar bottles :)))) They just made me so so so happy esp after a crappy week.

the other happy "fix" *apart fr my ciggie fixes* would be the famous Bak Chor Mee at Tai Wah. Pic stolen from JS coz I didn't join him for this breakfast. The al dente homemade noodles with a very balanced vinegar and chili sauce. This we can't find in Malaysia.

and not to mention coffee fixes. No...Starbucks isn't like the best but bcoz it's just outside my hotel, I just had to go......Actually in my hotel room I have a personal Nespresso Machine but sometimes u just have to go out there to get some fresh air. 2 Angry Birds staring back....I wish I could just stick someone else's face on your head and smack the shit outta you, but anger isn't gonna solve a lot of things. So hello angry birds, u can eat my crumbs after I'm done. Karma babe....Karma....

Then the week got better :)))) esp with my dearest friends. Here J&J Jelina took al the trouble to make yummy awesome amazing tasty crunchy Pie-Tee and Poh-piah. There was also some spicy chicken rendang which I forgot to snap pic. Was too hungry and chop and nom everything the moment I landed my bum on the beautiful Eames Daw Dining Chairs at their home.

and I saw lights coming at the end of the tunnel. Bright Shining lights and definitely brighter than any diamonds. My friends are rare and precious than any diamonds in the world :))))))))))
and on Sunday for Brunch, Kowfu made an awesome Sarawak Laksa. Triple strained laksa broth and that's hell lot of work but I guess he doesn't mind. And homemade chili paste. Basically everything was homemade. I got scolded bcoz I forgot to add some egg rolls into the bowl before snapping this pic :P Sowwy Kowfu~~~

and finally Kowfu's signature Hokkien Mee. I must say I still prefer Kowfu's daddy's Hokkien mee!!! Hiak Hiak Hiak. When this group of piranhas gathered together, all food and drinks were gone in seconds. This was in fact a compliment to the chef!!!

There were actually much much more food than this but I can't stuff anymore into my face nor stomach!!! hohohohohoho~~~~

Monkey and Cuppy Cake Jennifer. Beautiful pic taken by Henry H, thank you :))).

It was such a lovely surprise to see her in Singapore. That actually reminded me that we haven't been to Melbourne for quite a while now. Cuppy Cake Jennifer is a great chef in her own league, but she denied it. I guess when you are growing up in a culinary household, where everyone is perpetually cooking up a storm u don't feel that u are special.

and finally we were guinea pig for a REAL Patisserie Chef in her new project. With a Cordon Bleu International certification on her sleeves, Chef Gwen has such meticulous details in her artwork and food. Her passion to share her love of desserts shows when she spoke about her projects.

Patisserie G is located at Raffles Boulevard at Millenia Walk. Bagaholic Tracie said she makes the best Canele in town. Will make time to visit Chef Gwen at Patisserie G soon. In the mean time, Monkey is all drowned with work and numbers and budget and sales target before she heads off again this Friday. Okie no complaints here, I work like a slave here but I made sure that I enjoyed like an Empress at the end of the day to make it all worthwhile.

Over and out and Happy Week ahead there folks!!!

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