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Sapporo Beer Museum, Sapporo

Sapporo Beer - the oldest beer brand in Japan since 1876

Yea it's a touristy thing that we must do when one is in Sapporo. All travels and trips for Notti Monkey must revolve around FOOD and BEVERAGES. It would be better if the beverages contain alcohol. Hahahahaha. Alcohol makes ppl happy and most of all it kills bacteria. Water carries bacteria so please go ahead and have more alcohol. *hic*

The side facade of Sapporo Beer Museum, the only beer museum in Japan was only recently opened in 1987. Originally this building was constructed in 1890 by foreign architects and engineers as a factory for Sapporo Sugar company until the demand for japanese sugar declined *thanks to cheaper Taiwanese sugar*. In 1903 Sapporo Beer purchased this building as their manufacturing plant. It operated until 1965 before the whole plant was transferred to Eniwa.

Today it is a very important cultural heritage from the Meiji Era and has been selected to receive the status of Hokkaido Heritage. Only certain deserving assets which are meant to be preserved and passed on to the next generation as treasures can receive this status, so it is a very honorable one.

JS said this way to the museum!!!

We were so ambitious and wanted to do the real tourist thingy and thought of catching some loop bus to get here. You see the loop bus is something like a hop on hop off bus that go through the sights and shoppings in the city. But....we ended up hopping into a cab. We failed lar....JS said taxi is much time wasted...and so much so we are now planning to cycle around in Provence, France next month. I think that would be a failed project too bcoz I have a feeling in the end we gonna hire a chauffer with a limo to go around the villages.

-_-"  right JS?


it's just that I have this habit...whenever I see a seat or seats or couch or chairs or benches or stools....basically anything that I can lay my big bums on, that would be it. Even if it means only for a few seconds. Guess I will make a good participant or sample size to test chairs before they go on production. Monkey can give reviews on its ergonomic design, comfort, heights etc

Every history has its beginning of inception, date/year, founder, why, how, where

For Sapporo Beer it's even more important because it also marks the birth of Beer Brewery in Japan. Yeap it's that dramatic!! hahahaha. Started by Mr. Seibei Nakagawa, who studied the art of brewery in Germany from the largest brewery in the world at that time, he came back with vast knowledge and experience. Nakagawa-san also personally oversaw the planning and construction of this brewery. Being a perfectionist and a great master, he also headed the procurement of machineries....selected all the fine ingredients for his beer and finally the packaging, marketing and advertising. Basically from the barleys and hops to the iced cold beer in the bottle. Wow!!!

A walk through their history timeline~~~ but it's all in Japanese.

Do u know that beer is such an old beverage in the world that even the Code of Hammurabi has it??? on regulations and laws about consuming this beverage. If you are in Louvre Museum Paris, you should look for the famous black stone with the Code of Hammurabi. I was surprised that it's so big and tall, about 7.4 feet.

The main ingredients in beer - barley.
Didn't our moms alwiz said drink more barley this is it!!! this has to be it!!!!

sou des neh....this is how Hops looked like. There was even a canister of hops for us to touch and nose. Hops add bitterness to the beer and also act as a natural preservatives.

a photo-op corner...and so we were here on 1st August 2014. That's like more than a month ago. Gosh I am so lagging behind my postings...ok ok note to self.

the huge Wort Kettle made from copper. This is the boiling stage where hops are added. Usually boiled for an hour to release the bitterness from the hops. The longer it's boiled the more bitter it is but then the flavour of the hops is less distinctive so it all depends on style and what the brewery wants to achieve in terms of flavour.

a collection of really old bottles throughout the years from 1878 to 1908

There is a cute miniature animation on the entire process of beer brewery.
First the hops plant and barley, it's all headed like jack and the beanstalk towards the heaven bcoz finest ingredients are the gifts from the higher above to Earth.
Then the barley are roasted, the mashing process to convert starches to sugar. Then hops are added before it's further boiled inside the wort. After all the boiling in numerous stages to remove water through condensation, yeast are also added.

after the boiling and heat work it's now the filtering process and into the cask!!!!

But the happiest part would be consumption of all the hardwork. Look at that that. I wished I could climb the red ladder and dive into all those iced cold beer.

Wooohooo!!! eppy moment for me too. Summer also marks the Beer Festival in Sapporo so we were just in at the right time.

not forgeting the supply chain of delivering the beers worldwide, of coz these days we dun use horses donkeys and sampans....tee hee hee.

the beer bottle caps over the years.

The ad campaigns over the years!!!! wow it's like a walk down memory lanes.

The Communication Corner, usually used by Marketing and PR person

that would be my dream work in the PR department of champagnes house or wineries. To be able to speak breathe and drink something you so passionate about to your privileged visitors, private collectors and international medias. I think the job isn't as easy just taking your guests on private cellar tour and then pop open a bottle at the end of the day isn't it?

Read about her dream job here at KRUG champagne house. This is the kind of job I want now. *Click here to read*

the proud growers of barleys in Japan

Today Sapporo Beers are sold worldwide with a few manufacturing plants. 5 in Japan and 1 in America.

If u are driving and under 20 years old, no beer for you.

JS can't decide which tasting we wanna do....Monkey suggested all top 3 but he was much busier choosing which roasted nuts to go with his beers. -_-"

I think we should start with the black

Liquid gold.....yumsssss
gosh looking at these pic made me so thirsty.

I wished I could swim in beer!!!!

The huge Star Hall for tasting. By the way the entrance to the museum is FREE. There's  lil museum shop at the corner of this hall and the best purchase would be some Beer Jelly to be brought home as souvenirs.

After quenching our thirst, we went out around the factory museum for a short walk. Nope that ain't our bicycle hahahaha.

The famous tall chimney which u could see from afar.

at the museum's garden there's some barley plants

and hops!!! finally I've seen, touched and smelled hops

Opposite the museums there's a Sapporo Biergarten to enjoy some fresh draft beer with the famous genghis khan BBQ mutton called jingsukan in japanese.

It was an educational visit for both of us and we look forward for more. To read more about Sapporo Beer, please visit their website here:
Opening hours: 10.30am to 6.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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