Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Breakkie at Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok

am drooling at this bowl of porridge with salted DUCK egg, caramelised thinly sliced chinese sausage and crunchy spicy anchovies

oh whyyyyy why is their DUCK EGG so yummy? *there's more yolk than the white part*
whyyyyyyyyyyy how come the chinese sausage is sooo goooddd??

next was the fresh soya bean with small cute crispy Yu Tiao
this is the typical Thai breakfast
but then again it's so chinese/taiwanese
okie this is NOT THAI breakfast but is like an international breakfast these days
all sorts of sausages to choose from and crispy bacon :D
 it was our last morning in Bangkok and being lazy us, *okie me lazy me only me not him*
we bunked into our hotel for breakfast

such a beautiful lounge
think we'll definitely return here to stay?

the Fried Rice was to die for......
and not to forget stir fry Thai Kuey Tiow!!!
chunks of eggs and fresh kai lan and smooth kuey tiow :D

lurve their kuey tiow so much
it's thick in width and thin in thickness...texture was so silky smooth
laddled with pork broth
and splashed more chili powder innit

JS: "Wei....u ate so much...enuff ady..."
Monkey pretended not to hear :P

then Monkey went to order french toast and waffle with honey it made JS almost puke :P
he can't stand too much of food...and this was only a breakfast

the french toast here was really on a french bread wuahahahahha
and made on the spot
we lurve THAI EGGS!!! so yummy!!!!!

since Monkey was still bz stuffing FOOD into her face
JS had to make do with newspapers :P yeah stuff the papers into ur face :D
1.5 hours later........
yes I know...

Thank u for checking us here :))))
we must go to Bangkok again soon
the best place for awesome FOOD!!!!

Hyatt Erawan Hotel *the 4 faced Buddha is just next to the hotel*
494 Rajdamri Road,
Bangkok, Thailand 10330
Tel: +66 2254 1234


Marry lee said...

ha ha ha very funny..I like this oh whyyyyy why is their DUCK EGG so yummy? and I'm also agree with this..whyyyyyyyyyyy how come the chinese sausage is sooo goooddd??I like your blog and presentation style..Thank you for this post..Erawan Thai - WC

CHER-RY said...

Hello there!!! thank u for dropping by :))) Thai food is simply one of the amazing cuisine in the world....loved by all and involved so much of preparation and ingredients.....the intricacies of it made it even more beautiful :))))) cheers!!!!