Friday, July 01, 2011

Anniversary Dinner at Cilantro

Special place for special occasion
If I make this place a regular like my other canteen........die
we won't have any other special restaurant to go to
with impeccable service, knowledgeable and well trained staffs
and outstanding creation by Chef T.Kimura
but most of all the total dining experience

Peakie D still said this is my canteen....
no canteen maam....
my canteen is my lil pantry at my office
with a CBTL coffee machine which I dun use coz I'm a die hard Nespresso fan
*I'm a very very loyal person.....ahem.....*
tonnes of yummy food stocked by Mommy Jacky
and an empty box of Armani cookies which I finished by meself
*oh yea I oso happen to be a selfish person*
**now how do u blend loyal and selfish together?**
how contradicting :P
the famous -_- face but this time with a smile
sorry I was born with that frown
blame my genes :P
specially flown in Perle Blanche Oysters with crispy aosanori on top
u get tat mineral sea water creammie oysters and crispy thin flakes of seaweed
arghhhh we should have brought a Baby Krug to celebrate
but JS gave up drinking champagnes......
I've never heard of ppl doin tat....well spoilt ppl like him only accept champagnes fr Ambonnay
ooOOoooooooo my favourite~~~~~~~~
Capellini pasta wif abalone
both are my fav ingredients, top of its list
such combo wat else could u ask for???
we had this 2 months ago but this round it was SUPERB
the abalone was cooked sous vide

eh Mr. JS....u try to remember its tasting note and learn how to make :D
so anal....
so perfect.......
even the caviar sits neatly, each and every herbs was positioned with thoughts
white asparagus with ocean trout tartar

We lurve Chef's ocean trout + jap kombu but it's not alwis available
this one was good with not a single strand of muscles/fibre on the fish nor asparagus
I like my new earrings :D hehehhehe
so again for the last more diamonds...
we go and walk the Earth together ok???
so let's plan France again and before that....pls move our asses and book our restaurants for the upcoming Japan trip
He wants to climb Mt Fuji and I want to laze at a ryokan :P
He wants to do shopping and I want Disney Tokyo
hmmmm that needs some time management
 Scampi consomme!!!!! with scampi foams
consomme are alwiz welcomed in our lives :)))))
with generous bites of scampis
slow cooked turbot with anchovies....
the anchovies balanced up the taste and Chef gave the edges of a turbot
the best part hehehehehehe with bones removed...double heheheheheh
oily fish usually melts in ur mouth with no effort

ok we really need to fo France again and we must go to Alain Passard again!!!
not the Ducasse....the Passard!!!!
so silky and drinkable...with strong intense red fruits
Mongeard is really soft can't open too early or it will die-ed
before our main course...the whole bottle gone..
the best wine for its vintage - 2001

"aiks no more already!!!!!"
see I told u to bring a Baby Krug!!!!
roasted foie gras with perigueux
perigueux is a rich sauce flavoured with truffles and madeira
the portion was so generous...enuff to feed the 2 of us
suddenly both of us are health freaks :P

tmrw someone has got health test to do....and dragged me along
-_- No I think I m Fine and No I don't wanna know my health condition for the time being with the kind of food we r indulging.....
lemme puasa first
Mr. JS had his usual favourite pasta
guess the earlier portion wasn't enuff
Blackmore wagyu with a medley of french mushrooms
Blackmore is fr Australia and the finest beef down under
they produced 100% premium japanese beef
I find that there's a gap in MEDIUM done-ness between Sage and Cilantro
C is perfect and sometimes under medium
while S is alwiz over....
quite consistent I must say so we know how to order our meat

but other restaurants....GAH....medium came out done sometimes medium rare
anyway slaps forehead...even Monkey knows how to test...
Medium Rare is the sensation of u poking ur cheek
Medium is your chin....well unless u has got no meat on ur chin
and Done is ur forehead :P

so dun be surprised if u see me poking my face while checking doneness of meat
JS has mastered that with thickness of meat and FEEL
he has got a LOVE relationship with his oven
beef came with smooth mash
yum we still have this inside the cellar???
wat are we drinking tonite? and tmrw?
planning planning planning......
Vacherin is a meringue dessert topped with fruits
Chef Kimura's signature of shaving some lime zest made it even more appetizing
*super liked that I had 2 portions....opssss*
Rhubarb Souffle with vanilla ice cream
lurve the crust on the top
but shouldnt rhubard be RED????
souffle this round a bit too milky for me
and I was thinking to achieve that crusty top???
hmmmmm ok I will leave it to him to ponder on
I just need to focus and concentrate on other things :P

Thank you to the Cilantro team for a wonderful evening
and big hugs to Chef Takashi Kimura for cracking ur head
all the time and squeezed ur creative juice outta ur brain
for all the awesome creations....
everything was super YUMSSSS

Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8082


Larry Yeong said... try this instead of poking your face and chin. :)

CHER-RY said...

Hi Larry, wow thanks for the tips...really good site!!! :)))