Thursday, July 28, 2011

Makan-makan @ Home

our favourite cold capellini with raw japanese prawns and caviar
a lil of konbu and the secret ingredient was this awesome vinegar fr Si Fu
this dish was inspired by Chef Takashi of Cilantro :D
prepared by our Masterchef JS at home :P
no sous chef...he did everything himself
from preparing mise-en-place to cooking to cleaning
so tell me ladies, where to "buy/get" such automated chef at home?
the preparation of this pasta was so clinical
the plates were chilled
loads of ice were used
so this was actually a cold pasta
and lastly topped the pasta with caviar in mixture of konbu and chopped chives
it took us 3 minutes to chomp down the appetizer

our guests were all decked in black
such a coincidence
there were also a salad and iberico ham with melons, forgot to snap pic :P
prawn oil pasta for the kids
JS slowly painfully patiently fried the prawns head for one hour to extract the flavours
the kids were just bz with their activity - glued unto the iPad
the best-est gadget ever invented and thus have caused market share of other Toys to drop tremendously
easy to store, no maintenance, no clutter.
and best of all....One gadget for all
it serves daddy to mommy to the kids
with unlimited number of Apps available

if u r too bored with the Games u can alwiz do reading on any of the e-books available for downloads
but well that seldom happen....reading......:P
the adults were waiting for these.....4 slabs of MEAT
JS did em 2 ways
Angus was done to perfect PINK!!!!
the Thomas Keller way :)))))))))))))

so yummy with that extra crunch bits on the outside
no sauce were needed....just a few flakes of Maldon salt
Wagyu beef Tetsuya style
99% of our guests requested for RARE but out came PINK coz the 1% wanted medium
the blood.................
we finished everything............O_O
only thing left were the sides which were supposed to be eaten as accompaniment
but our guests said dun waste time and concentrated only on the beef

as for the leftover Beef Fats....were used to fry rice
just a simple fried rice full of flavours :))))))))))))))
Mandarin Orange Souffle baking in the oven
the tiny small one was for kiddos
we couldn't get Vanilla ice-cream fr Haagen Daaz coz out of stock so the next favourite flavour was Rum & Raisins :D:D:D

Peakie D said she never ever had Souffle at home
and very seldom host will attempt souffle while entertaining coz MANY THINGS CAN GO WRONG
can u see the mandarin orange pulps?
JS took almost 1 hour to remove/separate it

JS ar, next time while u transfer the souffle base can make it pretty pretty?
so after baking it will look even prettier? :D:D:D can ar?

WOTN = Beaucastel 1990

our guests can really drink
by the time cold cuts were served, we already finished the Dom Perignon 1996
followed by Clos de la Roche 2001 during the 1st and 2nd pasta

while Grands Echezeaux and Beaucastel = meat
think it was not enuff...should have opened that bottle of white earlier for the cold pasta

Lyndon & Peakie D

toast to great wines and awesome company
may u have more winery visits in France
yes we are goin again this year end :D

and we r lookin fwd to our next wine dinner
with Master of Wine as guests....think me & JS better polished up our wines knowledge
*ahem ahem*
Thank you for cooking :D
may u cook more yummy food for Monkey :D:D:D


neil said...

Is the souffle really so horribly difficult? Can ask JS to teach me? Hands itchy feel like trying :P

Escorts said...

Masterchef JS made very tasty dish. All the dish are looking very delicious and cupcakes is also looking very yummy. Wine bottles are very old and very good for drink.

js said...

Cupcakes?? Who made cupcakes??:))

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: It is the technique that's difficult. He said u need to come and learn, so looks kike next cook out at my place. :)))

Escorts & JS: I think he meant the souffle and not cupcake. :))))

Anonymous said...

hehehehheheehehe...hahhahahahahahha....this is no facebook, I cant click "like" to JS's comments. But I LIKE his comments : Cupcakes? Who made cupcakes??:))

JS, have u ever tot of joining Malaysian version of Masterchef? U really should!


js said...

Hmmmm........msian master chef you need curry and rendang skills.......and I don't skills in that area :))
Monkey making bread for me now :))