Friday, July 22, 2011

Funky Kit Kat only from Japan :D

Kindy Chai tagged me in all of these pics....bad gal >_<
and made me salivate :~~~~~(

Red Pepper Kit Kat??? maybe for a certain Si Fu
the green one was a limited edition melon flavour...
hmmmm this is quite normal
but I can't judge coz I haven't tasted any from this post

Tiramisu and caramel flan???
I hope this is not too sweet :D

Edamame flavour? wahhh this one must try!!!
another limited edition to raise funds for Japan's Earthquake

Kit Kat apple
gosh wat flavours that THEY DUN HAVE?????
Oh no!!!! there's the rock melon, the Wasabi the Green Tea
I think our luggage bag gonna be filled with these........
but also ain't cheap eh 1,300 JPY = RM 51 for a box of 12?
err actually is tat cheap or not? coz I dun buy Kit Kat in Malaysia :P

Thanks for the tags Kindy Chai
now I'm having a hard time coz I need to bring more luggage bags to store all my purchases on top of all the Kit Kats
Happy Friday folks!!!!


Wei's said...

O.O my eyes literally pop out when I see all the piccas!!! Can I have that choco melon and that strawberry cake and that tiramisu =D =D =D

CHER-RY said...

Baby Wei: manyak-nye u mau....looks like I really need to bring extra luggage coz I oso MAU!!!!

js said...

Got chirri padhi one ar??:)

Anonymous said...

Wahh...all the flavors are so special to me...RM51 compared to those kitkat fr KLIA of cos its cheap! Flavors all also dun have it here...worth it jugak lor...Malaysia oni have the lauya ones *sigh

Baby Sumo said...

Saw ur Hubby today at Hank's at Empire Subang. We recognised him via pics from yr blog :P

Tsu Lin + + said...

OMG Cherry! Please buy the melon, green tea, wasabi, for me! More melons please. Can or not? I will go collect from JS when I go bk next. Hahaha! Thank you!


RM51/carton is not too expensive for limited edition. Msia selling RM1.10-1.30 for the 2-finger ones in Convenience Store, when i was cat-man lah. Hahaha (that was like 4 years ago).

CHER-RY said...

JS: maybe by next month they will have chiri padi flavour.

Melissa: I seldom buy kit kat..more like I never buy them so dunno the price range.

Baby Sumo: hello!!!!! hahah wat a small world? Do u frequent Empire a lot?

TL: are u comin back to Msia anytime soon? coz otherwise...ur kit kat won't last that long with me around :D nyek nyek nyek

Baby Sumo said...

Not really... but had to go there for an event. But was too shy to say HI :P

CHER-RY said...

Baby Sumo: hahaha dunnit to be shy coz he's not shy...kekekekeke...hope to "bump" into u again in the future. Have a lovely day there. Cheers.

licheng said...

hehhe...looks like with these pics, you've enticed ppl to ask you to buy for them ;P you won't find these in Msia, so should get some. But Japan has so many amazing confectionery, you should try others too! shiroi koibito and yoku moku are some of my favourite ones.

i'm sure your purchases come first..hahaa