Wednesday, July 13, 2011


When I first encountered the word Ryokans I tot it was FOOD :P

Ryokans are traditional japanese inn originated in the 15th century
with tatami mats = means u zzZZzzz on the floor
and dainty sliding doors
a large hallway and a table with short legs in the middle of the room
and of coz leg-less chairs wuahahahahaahha

Ryokans are expensive and not easy to find in Japan with concentration around areas with Onsen = hot springs
luxury ryokans has got private bath on its own with view of either the Mountain of Sea
so ZEN rite???
Monkey had been trying to book a Ryokan for the past weeks and went bonkers at the $$$$$$
it's more expensive than a 5 Star luxury hotel in Ginza *Faints*
about 3x the price
but it comes with a private onsen facing the lake with the view of Mount Fuji!!!!
I just wanna b here right now...right away!!!!
All Ryokans serve breakfast + dinner inside your own unit
inside ur room there's a Yukata which u'll wear during your stay in any Ryokans

Yukata is worn as a form of relaxation and after bathing inside the onsen
it's basically a simple version of kimono made fr light cotton

Dinner format is usually a Kaiseki dinner
varied small portion of seasonal produce

quality of food is highly stressed during these dinner
and depending on which area u r staying at....the Ryokan will serve their local food
hmmm dainty food for dainty ppl like me :P
view fr inside ur own private onsen
but since we r goin during summer we won't get a view of snow-capped Mt. Fuji
hopefully with a clear sky we can see this view :)))))))))

decisions decisions decisions
which City to stay at now??? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
then next question which Ryokan?

Lakes at Fuji or at Hakone???
or maybe we just stay at both?

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