Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yum Saap, Bangkok

Yum Saap has got such a queer name but this chain is everywhere in Thailand
we chanced upon it by accident 4 years ago and been returning ever since

where could u get Thai fast food that's so awesome as this???
Yum = salad
saap - errrr need to ask JS
so Tom Yum Goong is
Tom = Soup
Yum = salad
Goong = prawns
and most of all it has got salad made fr my favourite Thai instant noodle = MAMA!!!!
Monkey screams in happiness!!!!!!!

MAMA noodle is big business in thailand
in Msia they only sell one flavour = Tom Yum in small packs

while in Bangkok, Monkey loaded home XTRA big packs that's enuff to feed me contentedly
in mutiple flavours.....
spicy duck
pork broth
creamie pork soup
black pepper chicken
spicy prawn steamboat
coagulated pork blood flavour
roast duck

all in BIG packs.....aAAAaaaaaaa
*smack lips*
so at Yum Saap u can order a plain MAMA noodle
which was blanched perfectly to retain that texture
MAMA noodle is Monkey's No.1 instant noodle ever since she can cook one
ermmm no. 2 is Myojo instant noodle :)))))))
fruits slurpee is so common in Thailand....
perfect for spicy food
so we ordered coconut and watermelon slurpee!!!!!
yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum
slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp
JS: "chill la...ur food is not here yet....u'll need that glass of slurpee to go with all the spiciness!!!"
with the amount of chilis...this is not for sissy

the taste is so balance with the right amount of fish sauce to give u the savouriness
enuff palm sugar for sweetness
sufficient bird eye chilis for that superb kick
and sourness came fr lime
all the shredded green papayas and long beans were crunchy and RAW

I like its texture esp when the crunchiness of the crispy skin hits ur head
krob krob krob krob krob krob
my main I had MAMA noodle with crispy minced pork loaded with a lot of spices and herbs and grinded crispy rice
and tonnes of dried chilis.......
sweet spicy char siew Thai style
this is another type of salad

the format here is EVERYTHING SALAD
believe it or not, this is the Thai Kangkung = morning glory plant
it has a thicker sharper leaves

so JS went and ask wat about the normal KangKung
"that's the Chinese Kangkung"

this place has got tonnes of yummy salad
Lychee Prawn salad
Coconut shrimp salad
Egg Salad *my favourite*
winged bean salad
crab salad
mangosteen salad
scallop salad
aiyo it is endless lar......
and the above costed 327 Baht = RM 32.70
inside Central Mall

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