Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hi-tea at Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok

Afternoon tea at Hyatt Erawan is alwiz in my to-do list whenever in Bangkok
located on the 2nd floor of the building, afternoon tea is served daily from 2.30pm till 6.00pm.

I actually asked JS to snap a pic of the gal
coz I like her bag and her Melissa Jelly shoes :P
*yes amazing I can identify ppl's shoes from afar :P*

Thais are really fashionistas
everyone is so trendy and dressed to the nine
while JS and me were in our casual wear and slipper >.<

Erawan Tea Room has got an comfortable selection of teas and coffees
why did I use the word comfortable??? coz it's just nice and not too much
it made things so much easier upon ordering

Off Topic:
I was at TWG tea room Pavilion last week...nightmare
the TEA menu alone was 5 pages
with such wide selection, in the end u tend to choose the normal ones to save more brain cells instead of killing them.
One pot of tea in TWG = RM 18 (Mine) , RM 29 (biz associate)
and it was none refillable -_-"
2 pcs of Canele = RM 13.50

Since it was such a sunny hot day I opted for ice cold lemon mint tea

fine porcelain for sugar holder
:)))))))))))) the design was very Versace

I really like their cutlery, specially designed for Erawan Tea Room
lotus plate and a knife with wooden panel
the tea set consisted of
Thai Chicken Curry puffs
deconstructed Mieng Kam on a pie tee basket *lurve this one so much*
steamed flower shaped dumplings with crab meat
steamed sago dumpling with minced meat and turnip
pork satay!!!
thai fish cakes with special chili dip :)))))))

these were the savoury selections of the set menu...
next came the sweet selections :))))))))
I'm such a happy gal looking at these :))))))))))))

sticks of freshly cut fruits
banana dumpling with grated coconut in banana leaf cones
freshly baked scones
my favourite Kanom Krog
green coconut puffs
egg rolls
and the cute small lil "look chub" = fruit shaped sweet bean paste

still hot fr the oven scones with fresh cream and strawberry jam
the jam was awesome with huge chunks of strawberries innit

oh yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greedy bugger in action >.<
Kanom Krog is crispy on the outside....warm and soft pudding-liked on the inside with different toppings of corn, yam and spring onions.
My favourite = corn and spring onions
lastly....the famous sticky rice mango
khao niao mak muang

Price has increased as compared to last year
2011 = 240 Bht = RM 24
2012 = 280 Bht = RM 28

at this price I can only get a pot of tea in TWG malaysia :P

anyway if u are in Bangkok and need a place to savour afternoon tea in a nice chic environment, this is it :))))

Erawan Tea Room,
2nd Floor, Erawan Bangkok Mall,
*connected to Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel*
494 Rajdamri Road,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand.
Tel: +66 2254 1234


Chasing Food Dreams said...

wahhhh... this is one High tea I would love to eat!!! Drooling...

Must put this on my list for Next Visit... hehe!

Kanom Krog... its that the coconut cake?

Melissa said...

Though the price has increased...but still consider cheap..with that kind of ambiance. many days u spend in BKK? Looks like u really fully utilize your time.

CHER-RY said...

Yes Food Dreams, Kanom Krog is the coconut kuih..not really a cake lar.

Melissa, we were there for errrr...pretty short 4 days 3 nites? hehehehehehehehehehe. Yes we only have 24 hours each day so must fully utilise ever moment in life.

Chasing Food Dreams said...

omg... I love those coconut kuihs.... so behind my BKK post... a local took us to a really fab place just for the coconut kuihs!!

wah..4/3 trip.. I think u covered more food than me... hehehe!! salute!

May Ng said...

Cherry : hahaah you looked so greedy in the photo, wide open mouth chomping away on the piece of scones with strawberry jam :p

Oh, that plate of sticky rice + mango costs RM28? The portion is so small! Not enough for me LOL

I'm flying to Thailand in August, can't wait 2 more months to savor these comfort + delicious snacks hehehe

Aaah, this post made my mouth water! Thanks for the recommendation :D

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: yeah the coconut kuih is really yummy...must eat :))) I'll wait patiently for all your postings :)

May: heheheh I am a greedy bugger :P
no no no...this whole set cost RM 28 inclusive of all the sweet and savoury beautiful food.