Friday, May 18, 2012

Sirocco Sky Bar @ State Tower, Bangkok

*pic stolen from the web*

the colourful Bar at the edge on top of the State Tower, coz the lights changes colour fr time to time
perched on the 64th Floor, it is the World's Largest Open-air Restaurant & Bar
opened in 2003, Sirocco was featured in the movie Hangover 2
*go watch it*

the view once u entered the place or more like exited out from its Dome
the sudden rush of dizziness drowned me...oh no~~~~

the elevator journey up to the top was pretty long
yeah it was long due to the queue of white tourists but thankfully many guests were turned down bcoz of dress code non-compliance

I dunno why some ppl think they can go to a restaurant or bar in their gym wear, sneakers, slippers, short pants etc
well unless if u own the place
come on, respect the place and dress nicely for it!!!!
*this is pretty evident in Malaysia too, ppl goin clubbing in their slippers??? mind u, it wasn't a glass slipper, but that's a different story all together*
I snoop my head outta my tortoise shell to peek at the view...
as u all know, I'm terrified of heights
there were tonnes of securities standing by...blocking guests from coming to close to the edge
based on this, I assumed there were cases of drunk guests doin stupid things?
both the bar and restaurant were on the same area
we were here to celebrate BCBG Amy's XX-th Birthday
like me, she was also afraid of heights
-_-" then why lar u chose this place?
even the Moon came out to play that night

from here, u can get a 360 panoramic view of the entire Bangkok city

I wasn't too keen to walk around but chose to remain glued to my seat that evening
prollie insufficient alcos...maybe after a few drinks I would be so happy that I'll tour every corner of the bar :P

we really really dislike this grand staircase
once your elevator reached the top of the'll be inside the Dome
and when u exit the where the top of the staircase starts

with a width of more than 3's one of the widest steps I've encountered
while u were standing on the 64th floor, trying to get your bearings with the wind blowing ur head off, it's almost impossible to stand still and balance urself
not to mention descending this grand staircase in the most lady-like manner u could

coz hundreds of eyes would be watching u
this is a place to watch and to be watched

U don't wanna be in the casualty statistics
of wat u wondered?
falling down the stairs
coz u dun just fall one's so tiny and steep u'll land on a few steps b4 your body lose ur momentum and stop

that evening, we sat there watching ppl falling,
or ladies trying to hold on to their hair,
their dresses as the wind lift everything up
and tipsy guests maneuvering the staircase up and down with a glass on the other hand

after 3 hours, BCBG Amy and Monkey took up some courage to walk to the edge where the round bar sat
holding each other hands tightly, we inched our way slow as the tortoise reaching out for that piece of kangkung
our hands were crushing each other intensely as we walked nearer to the edge...okie almost there...
almost.....just a lil bit more...
then we were on the round bar at the edge of this building
closing our eyes we exhaled breathe of relief that we were still safe
began to relax a bit and enjoy the beautiful view

Monkey whispered to BCBG Amy: "Happy Birthday Babe.....:))))"
BCBG Amy :)))))))))))))))
while we were basking under the moonlight
absorbing all that's happening around us
and our feat of almost ...almost conquered our fear for heights....
someone bobbed outta nowhere, passed us and say..."Hey u all should walk to the end of this bar and stand here...."
he then continued to jumped on the spot, demonstrating that this bar is entirely safe
he continued to mocked and challenged us ladies
we let him do watever he wanted
for he's BCBG Amy's husband........hehehehe

If u are looking for something exciting with large open space this is it
however I preferred the other Sky Bar at Banyan Tree for it's more intimate, casual and cosy
*read bout my visit to Vertigo Bar, Banyan Tree*
since life is so short, I must visit all the sky bar in Bangkok!!!!

Sirocco Restaurant & Sky Bar,
State Tower,
1055 Silom Road,
Bangkok 10500.
Tel: +66 2624 9555


Chasing Food Dreams said...

heard abt this place.. didnt quite make it there last week... too busy shopping and eating.. hahaha... now I got excuse to go back to BKK!!

Love the view..

CHER-RY said...

Helloo!!!! How was your trip???? Now it's my turn to wait for your postings :)))