Monday, May 07, 2012

T&K Restaurant, Yaowarat

the best mode of transportation in Bangkok when the traffic is heavy
coz a Tuk-Tuk can weave in to any small roads and in the jam
but I must say it's still a scary ride for me

To hail down a Tuk-Tuk....
just raise ur hand like u r hailing down a taxi/cab and yell "TUUUKKK!!!"
then u cana negotiate the price coz a Tuk-Tuk def is not high tech enuff to install a running meter

it's really moving fast
past all the stalled cars into small lil road at the back of shoplots
and speeding fast like we were in Mission Impossible
but we didn't mind at all coz our mission was to satisfy our stomachs

sometimes it gets so near to the other vehicle
but a Tuk-Tuk is so tiny that 2 can share the same road
despite the Bangkok jam, the summer heat and noise and wind that messed up our hair....we still managed to cam-whored with JS's DSLR camera
ain't easy coz it's like holding a huge potato

When we arrived at T&K restaurant, the whiff of freshly grilled/BBQ seafood were tingling our nostrils
oh yummmsss!!!!
it's almost like we were next to the sea but Bangkok is far far away fr it

the queue was extremely long with waiters taking orders from the standing crowd
while waiting for the 1st seating to get down with their dinner
and it wasn't even 7pm yet T_T

the beauty of dining for 2 so darn easy to get a table
as compared to those big crowds
we didn't have to an instant we got a table
so quick that I didn't get to stand next to the BBQ pit to steal some free whiffs

JS and his new GAP t-shirt
his lowest standard ever
we went to Bangkok with minimum luggage with a few pieces of clothing coz the idea is to SHOP

while Monkey was shopping at the fashion wholesaler mall aka Platinum Fashion Mall
JS couldn't lay his eyes on the merchandises there

"Will it shrink after I wash them?"
"Aiyo only RM 5...wear and throw lar..."
"But then the materials is like no likey..."
Monkey -_-"

Since he's running low on clothes....I brought him to his minimal standard aka GAP
*bangs forehead*
for the price of his one t-shirt at GAP I can get a dress, a jumpsuit and 2 chiffon tops from Platinum
huahahahahah well women lurve good bargain anyway :P
While I'm jolie as alwiz when it comes to great yummy CHEAP food
see I told ya women lurve good bargains :P
above pic there, I was drinking Thai chrysanthemum
it's really nice and has got a different taste compared to Malaysian's chrysanthemum drink

our appetizer was the simple but AMAZINGLY yummy omelette
yeah how could a simple dish like this be so good?
coz Thai eggs are extremely yummy with good fragrant
walk past any stalls that fry anything with eggs and u'll get wat I mean
it has got a very eggie nose

topped with some chives
the nose of this omelette alone is enuff to satisfy me :))))

with a lot of freshly peeled blue swimmer crab meat
bcoz the crab meat was so's so sweet!!!!!
the chili sauce provided with this dish proved to be redundant in the end
u really dun need any sauce, salt or pepper for this omelette
our second course was this DIE DIE MUST EAT HERE
Glass noodle cooked with Big head Prawns
it's nothing that u've ever tasted before~~~~~

we dug around the pot to find a lot of fresh herbs were used
from a different species of coriander to spring onions
and FRESH PEPPERS still on its VINE!!!!

coriander roots and spices like star anise
wow so complicated, no wonder its taste has got such a complex dimension to it

not forgetting chunks and big slices of pork fats to line the pot
and give this dish an OOOMMMPPPHHHH flavour
as we were digging in there were so many prawns...but our main goal was the glass noodle

it has got a very good texture
and proved that it wasn't enuff for the two of us :D
as usual we ate till we fight for the last strand
Guess who won the battle?
:D heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
the lady who sat behind me has got shitload of tattoos on her back
on her arms, her ankles, etc
in fact her whole back was tattoo-ed
main course was this "Spawning" crab
just grilled ala minute and serve on its own
to be eaten with all the chili condiments provided at this place
ranging from roast green pepper dip with coriander, super spicy red hot bird eye chili dip
and another fish sauce based dip
looking at it sent shivers down my spine
guess as u age, u come to a realisation that cholesterol can't be burnt like calories

watever u eat goes into ur heart
-_- yes I know...I'm such a party pooper to speak of all these while blogging bout great food
anyhow we whacked it :P
to set our conscience right, we ordered a plate of vegetables that's famous in Thailand
it's like a hybrid of kangkung but it's not

Yaowarat is actually China Town of Bangkok
so much to eat here...that we went back another nite for more rustic street food
do wait for the next posting bout it
T&K Seafood Restaurant,
49-51 Soi Phading Dao, 
Yaowarat Road,
Bangkok 10100.
Tel: +66 2223 4519


Loose said...

That's a very nice cam-whored pic.. so sweet =)
And all those yummy food!!! *salivating* =D~~~~

Chasing Food Dreams said...

I m so gonna put this on my list to visit next week!! salivating already... kakaka

nice pic of u & JS!

CHER-RY said...

Thank you ladies!!! :))))
yes please do visit Yaowarat, there's 2 rows of stalls for u to eat along this 1.5 km road.

I'll be doin the 2nd part posting soon.

Food Dreams - how long u gonna stay in BKK? :))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Me only going for 4 days/3nights... so strategic planning is required to cover from serious shopping and food! ;)

I still have a few more days to see more post from you about BKK... hehehe!!

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: 4D 3N is quite sufficient. Since it is so near u can alwiz go again.

Just in case I don't blog fast enuff...pls read my archives of Bangkok below. Usually I go to the same place and do the same thing. hehehehehe.

Melissa said...

The last dish is 'Thai Kangkung'? It looks like 'fern' or paku ;-p

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: It's not really a kangkung.....almost a hybrid of kangkung + sayur's some cheap sayur where they find by the canals/rivers :P

Mac said...

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