Friday, May 11, 2012

Grilled Salt-coated Fish, Bangkok

ohhhhh yummmmssss~~~~
dining here wasn't part of our itinerary, just that we were walking from Central Shopping Mall to Pratunam side....we saw this and decided to come back again to satisfy our tummy and taste bud

there isn't a name for this place...but when the sun sets each day...tables and stools were arranged
wheel cart of BBQ pit were loaded out, and the firestarter will do his job
and by 6pm this place is so happening it's impossible to get a table

huge fresh fishes coated with salt were busy BBQ-ing away
the 1st time when we passed this place, we "reccee-ed" wat's on its BBQ pit
wat's the crowd like

most important check wat's on each patron's table
then check their expression - contentment, satisfaction, enjoyment, level of happiness
and the last much food was left on their table...
if there's a lot...hmmmm not a good sign

apart from the die die must try grilled salt-coated fish are the beautifully roasted Thai chicken
and if u are adventurous there's the intestines of pigs
hmmmmppppphhhh I don't really eat organs and offal so I'll save it for u readers to go and discover it. Then u tell me :)))))

so we returned the next evening for this place, coz the 1st nite was planned for something else
we were there roughly at about 7.30pm
the traffic was madness for a weekend
temperature was as high as the BBQ pit
so we were dressed to the minimum

getting a table was easy esp when it comes to 2 person
when we arrived, we were asked to sit at these green plastic stools, and so I thought we were asked to wait for a table....
in a short 3 minutes, their staffs were wheeling out more plastic tables, out of nowhere.
hmmm I wondered where's their storage coz we were on the pavement next to a very bz road

soon, at this very spot that I first saw, became our dining corner
plastic tables were unfolded and re-positioned ourselves :))))
that was really waiting at all...really good for ppl who has got a bum that lurves to stick to any flat surface like mine

Check out my ride!!!!
since this pavement for pedestrians were used up for this eatery, most of the pedestrians had to use the road meant for traffic

I was bz watching ppl carrying their haul from Platinum Mall
yup Platinum Mall is just at the back of me....
so now u get your bearing of this eatery??
watever it is...if u walk from Central World to Platinum Mall, you will not miss this place.

every table will receive this plate of fresh and raw
long beans

I'm not a fan but trust me, u'll need them as u sit through the meal
will tell u why in a short while :P
the menu was pretty extensive for some make shift eatery stall like this
fried Clams with basil and chilis with peppercorns
its gravy were to die for...
loaded with spices and something that I'll remember
with so much of fresh ingredients on display...of coz the menu is extensive!!!
there are about 4-5 stalls on this very same area/road
just go to the one with the most ppl waiting
or just trust ur instinct
as for us...we checked out all 5 and decided it's either the 1st or 2nd stall
based on the quality of their grilled fish

as we were bz reviewing the stalls, the waitresses were also bz flashing us with their menus
hey chick, each stall is doin so well with so many ppl waiting, there isn't a need for this
their menus are very friendly with pictures so it makes ordering much easier
if all else fails....just point to watever the next table is having or go to the cook and tell him wat u want with sign language

I've learnt over the years how to instruct on sautee-ing, frying, baking, grilling, types of noodles, level of spiciness by using my palms and hands :P
well this is the power of your stomach...
whenever there's hunger for it, there's ways to do/get it
this applies very well in life too u know.

Som tum aka raw papaya salad
my favourite is alwiz som tum with fermented raw crabs
its almost belacan-liked flavour elevated this salad to a different dimension
I know it's disgusting but trust me it's worth it

and bcoz of its spiciness level, the plate of raw vegetables is very very useful
somehow the taste is very balanced, between spiciness, sweet, savoury and sourness from lime
Thai food is my favourite :))))))))
followed by Chinese!!!

yes I'm a damn Asian and I'm proud of my heritage
despite a quarter of me is Portuguese :D:D:D

the staffs here worked pretty efficiently
and in such orderly manner...

tables were being cleared and cleaned up in such speed
rubbish were wheeled out
plates and bowls were sorted accordingly into plastic pail

when he turned, he had this shocked surprised look
lurve how he paired prints on himself....stripes vs printed motifs
it's so Summer!!!!!!

I'm sure he didn't do it intentionally :))))))))))))
I'm still changing my wardrobe from Spring towards Summer now
all the clothes are now occupying the other wardrobes in the other rooms
finally the HERO dish came
JS didn't snap a closed up pic of it
the fish was served with the skin removed/peeled unto the side
and a small bowl of special chili dip rested on its skin

the meat was really soft and sweet...grilled just right...
as in just cooked
I guess with the amber fire on its charcoal-ed BBQ pit, u achieved a consistent heat to grill the fish
the salt also protected the fish from direct heat, thus avoiding any burnt parts esp on its fins and head

Grilled BIG Head prawns
with burnt legs coz it has got no salt to protect it....
but it was really good...its head was still juicy
Stir-fried Kangkung
in thai it's called "Pak Bung Fai Deng"
Pak Bung = morning glory leaves
Fai Deng = Fire Fry????
*need to ask Mr. JS for translation*
when u see all the plates are clean n clear like this, rest assured the food is FANTASTIC
Total meal with 4 coconuts cost RM 70
yea inclusive of the HUGE GRILLED FISH
and 5 super huge big head prawns

there is totally no comfort
no ambience
no atmosphere

but we dun really mind coz this experience was really an enjoyable one
bcoz this is the type of atmosphere/ambience we seek for such travel

trust me...despite being on the road side, it's quite clean
and as testimonial, neither one of us has got any tummy problem
in fact throughout the entire stay in BKK we didn't have any food poisoning nor tummy problem

after this scrumptious meal, we hunted for more street food
did someone just shrieked "u did not!!!!"
sorry to disappoint u, but we DID :)))))))))))
*ok ok only Monkey did, JS just watched me eat as usual*

as my bathroom scale is tipping higher than my sales figure
I think it's time to lose some weight for more makan & minum next week


js said...

Fai deng = red fire! That's the direct translation I probably means kangkong fried over very hot fire. :))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

wow JS.. u know Thai?? :)

I have seen this place a few years ao when I was there.. will try it out this round... hopefully... my trip is just filled up with food this round...haahaha

Melissa said...

Wow...u reali tried alot of food there!! With that price and the amount of food...its very cheap! Can't get it here oso. Don't say KL...Seremban oso can't.

js said...

สวัสดี คุฌfood dreams สบายดีไหมครับ
(Sawatdee khun food dreams. Sabai dee mai krap.)

CHER-RY said...

U dun krup krup krap krap here.....we Mai Mee kao jai

JS speaks, reads and writes perfect Thai.