Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Dinner with Wine Kakis

On the eve of the Birthday, the wine kakis congregated at Cilantro *where else in KL*
the kakis will find means to come from Singapore and Ipoh coz there's very good motivator to come

and for a change, I've celebrated my birthday in TOWN!!!!
yea it's been years and the last time we did that was bcoz I was bound for work in Switzerland on my birthday back in 2008....hahaha yes...when duty calls.....

when we arrived, the champagnes were chilling :))))))))))
happy happy days are here

and wines were prepared for blinding
guests and JS gave precise instructions to the sommelier
to open them at what time, and serving chronology

amuse bouche on a very zen plate

guys will be guys....all bz with their gadgets
cameras, phones etc

see wat I mean?? they even need 2 phones
and SLR cameras and smaller digital cameras

Smoked anago with aquitaine caviar

I think it's an anago and not unagi coz the taste was just so different
but on the menu it's printed as "unagi"
well since this is my blog, I'll say wat I want...Anago :P

basically Anago are saltwater eel it has a sweeter finer and softer texture + taste as compared to unagi
even the meat has got different color - it's on the lighter side
anyway I am still on anago's side..definitely anago and not unagi :P

Uni *sea urchin* with consomme
served on its shell

yums this one...welcomed anytime anyday
the consomme in fact balanced off the richness of the sea urchin
now it just makes me did they crack the thing opened in such a beautiful manner?
my all time favourite capellini with abalone
a week before my birthday dinner, chef promised to cook ONE WHOLE ENTIRE ABALONE for ME!!!!
JS specifically requested that for my birthday
and Chef Takashi said YES he would
but....:"(( *sniff sniff*
wat happen to the rest of the abalone???
Kegani crab *horsehair crab* with winter melon
this dish was like a fusion of chinese japanese n french
the roe on top of the whole dish was "da bomb"!!!
a generous scoop of CRAB ROE!!!

the winter melon was soft and delicate
overall, this dish was very well executed in terms of different ingredients fr the chinese + japanese + french culture and also in terms of techniques...
later they came over to me and served ONE WHOLE PIECE of FOIE GRAS!!!!
I looked down and up back to the waiting staff
then glanced at JS
"U gave the wrong info izzit??? One whole foie gras instead of ABALONE?!?!?!"

this whole really a pleasant surprise
whole roasted foie gras
Later, divided into smaller portion for everyone
in fact roasting it whole sealed its taste and it was very moist and soft on the inside

everyone was reminding each other to pop a cholesterol pill after this meal
errrr folks, we dun eat like this everyday so it's OK....go run it off or something...
or just down it with more wines :P we even have a doctor on the table and he wasn't even complaining :P

Monkey getting her eyes checked on the table by Dr. Epicurean

Dr. has got a mobile phone with LED lights at the end..
and started scanning me eyes
apparently I'm so special coz I have double pupil on the right eye
so now I have to schedule a medical *not dining* appointment with him
Hokkaido samekarei with kyuri
it's a type of sole from the deep ocean of Hokkaido, Japan.
with shark-liked skin
so it has got really fatty and soft texture
Chef portioned the piece so everyone gets the "fins" side?
the best part of the fish :)))))))))))))))
what came next was so simple but it blew my mind and palate
fries??? not just any fries but homemade, fried with perfection...I suspected they used some kind of animal fat to fry it...I dun wanna know coz it means goin for more medical checkup
topped with truffles salt!!!! and lots of it u can see them :))))
then came the egg's egg yolk!!!
OMG so sinful so yummy...all of us will need to schedule for a medical appointment soon
otherwise please have more wines to dilute all the cholesterols
I dunno where I got this idea that wine is the cure-for-all

if u wanna be youthful, have more wines
it's good for your heart, skin and happiness level
only thing is, the wines that we consumed are very very bad for the pockets

the truffle fries were to be served with this perfectly seared beef
not just any beef but SAGA beef!!!!!!!!!!!

just drool at the fats marbling
so beautiful
but definitely very very yummy!!!!

Lobster Risotto
haven't been having risotto for quite sometime coz JS gave up making them
usually cooking risotto for 2 is pretty difficult
it's not something u can have in large portions.

My wishes for my birthday is to be a Notti Monkey as alwiz

Pina Colada granite
love :)))))))))))))))))
Thank u :)))))))))))))))
for everything
from moral support, endless nagging and advises *hua hua hua*
guiding me in my adult life and being such a great mentor
I guess the only thing u have yet to pass on to me are hmmm cooking skills and stop being a lazy young lady :P
but most of all thank you for the unconditional love u have showered me

Monkey & I-Ching
Thank you for everything and enjoy your holiday in Melbourne
remember to eat on behalf of me hahahahahaha

the cake was specially made by Cilantro and it was very very yummy
so many different types of texture
this piece was pretty messy so......

I have a really pretty pic of it from my mobile phone
different layers of chocolate, mousse, soft sponge cake, some crispy kit-kat like chocolates, mango or was it passion fruit? then chocolate with nuts :))))))))))
8 different layers :))))))) inclusive of its chocolate fondant topping

line up for the nite

Palmer 1966
Clos de Vougeot 1988
Bruno Paillard 1988 *by Munchy*
D'auvenay Chambolle Musigny 2004
Krug 1990
Domaine Romanee Conti Richbourg 1997
Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses 1996
a very special champagne I dunno its name, only 800 bottles a year *brought by Henry H*
Krug 1988
Gevrey Chamberin Clos St. Jacques 1998
Leroy Nuit St Georges 1994

there's 3 bottles of 88 ppl thought it was my year
well I dun mind if u think I was born in 1988...:))))))))))))

dessert was mascarpone with apricot sorbet
super like :)))))
everyone bz nom nom nom nom
thanking Chef Takashi for all the beautiful creations
this time around, we REMEMBERED to save some wines for him :P

hey folks, dun save the bottles ok...remember to destroy all the bottles that u have emptied
else bring them home!!
too many of FAKE wines in the market...don't let them to recycle it
actually it was so late that Chef already went home for the evening
we got him to come back
*evil laughs*
Thank you everyone for coming
Munchy, Aman-man, Henry H, JS, Anonymous, Prince C, I-ching, Dr. Epicurean
it's another milestone of celebration with u guys
yeah come to think of it, all guys only 2 ladies :P
since there's only one beautiful lady, I'm planting kisses on her

Thanks again......*hic*
Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8082


Melissa said...

From the photo & ur descriptions...I'm drooling over the cake!! ^_^

May Ng said...

New hair style? Is your curls permanent? They look gorgeous on you :)

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: really awesome cake!!! different texture and taste :))) specially made by Cilantro :))))

May: Hello how have u been? Yeah the curls are permanent, very nice but high maintenance -_-"

Chasing Food Dreams said...

love the new hair curls! it suits u really well...

as usual, dinner is nothing short but fabulous... this is one restaurant I have yet to try...

whole foie gras... would be one of my dream come true..kakaka!

CHER-RY said...

yes it's permanent curls... very high maintenance :"((( as in time consuming....-_-

May Ng said...

Cherry: I'm doing great & I just came back from a great vacation in the Philippines :D

I didn't manage to try Balut but I had some awesome French food @ Antonio's in Tagaytay! Being adventurous with food, I had some awesome blue cheese ice-cream & bacon ice cream too~ super yummy!

I highly recommend Antonio's if you happen to travel there :))))You may use the helicopter service too since its 1.5 hour drive (without traffic jam) from Manila.

Yeah,I agree those curls are very high maintenance. I had them chopped off in the beginning of the year as I was too busy to style it with(mousse/gel/wax/serum etc)every morning. In fact, most of the days I just pull my hair up into a bun/ pony tail :S Not flattering at all... boo boo

Recently, I just bought a curling iron that make my life so much easier haha I only use it for special occasion :)

Your curly hair makes you look very chic & feminine, btw.

CHER-RY said...

May: Wow!!! I've never been to the Philippines. Hahahaha yeah Balut is quite challenging by the look of it.

Helicopter?? Ok I will ask JS to earn more money :P

Thanks again but I am seriously now contemplating to chop them to shoulder length...just too much of work and I dun even have time to visit the salon :P