Thursday, May 10, 2012

Siam Paragon's Food Hall, Bangkok

Nope, this is not Siam Paragon...
just the view from my room of Central
local Thai pronounced it as "Centan" minus the "L"

a few years back, a bomb attack destroyed 1/3 of this building and now they are back in biz again
with more retail outlets....screaming BIGGER AND BETTER

every morning when I drew my curtain, this view just command the word
and those shopaholics out there...the Fashion wholesale Platinum Mall is just at the back of Central

so the beauty of staying on the street is, everything is just within walking distance
from Paragon, to Gaysorn, MBK, Siam Discovery Centre, Central, Chidlom, Platinum
one's like the Orchard Road of Singapore

First mission of the day......Breakfast...
didn't ur momma tell u that breakfast is the 1st meal of the day and it's the most important one?
hunting for breakfast was easy peasy when we were just staying opposite of Siam Paragon

Whenever u are in Bangkok, please do make time to go to Siam Paragon
No...not to shop but to eat!!!
coz their FoodHall is the bomb!!!!
above was a pork kuey teow noodle in sweet pork broth

I lurve the size and texture of their kuey teow
it's broad with good texture
and silky smooth!!!

then u add the typical mis-en-place of roasted green chili, or chili flakes, fish sauce and sugar
very satisfying bowl of noodle :)))))))))

this particular kuey teow stall 2 stalls away from the famous Pork Leg Rice
I couldn't read Thai and forgotten to snap a pic....but this stall is one of the famous one in Thai
and they opened a branch here in Siam Paragon

the other bomb that u must try is the Pork Leg Rice
*this was JS's breakfast*

yeah rice for breakfast....mad man!!!
*He to Monkey...u mad woman...everyday eat nasi lemak for breakfast is oso rice wut!!!!*
this is the best selling dish in the entire foodcourt
u'll see their huge pot of pork legs and thighs stewing at their stall
usually served with par-boiled egg with runny yolk, but dunno why this round JS ordered normal braised egg
and some mustard greens...along with their homemade chili sauce and standard fresh sliced garlic and bird eye chili = the best chili in the world

since a tiny bowl of kuey teow ain't enuff for Ms. Monkey
she thought of having a slice of toast bread...also at the foodhall
Toastbox has opened a branch here...but u dun come to Thailand to eat Toastbox rite???
so I went to a local Thai Bread stall

They make their own bread...
and comes with lotsa toppings of ur choice
from the usual peanut butter, blueberry jam, raspberry strawberry u name it
chocolate and vanilla sugar

I went to the most basic one.....
toasted thick slices of fresh bread with butter and sugar
sometimes the yummiest thing is the most simple stuffs on earth
just like my all time favourite of soft boiled eggs :)))))))))))))

as I was holding my paper-plate of yummy fragrant toasted bread on the way back to JS who's waiting for me, I saw this stall
oooOoooooo wat is this???

I watched the lady cooking this yummy kuih like thingy
and it only cost RM 2.50 for 10 pieces
she couldn't speak a word of english so with sign language of one hand, coz the other was holding the toasted bread..I asked her if I can mix the spring onions and corn and yam in the 10 pieces order...
I guess u knew it...when her answer was positive, my order of 5 corns + 5 springs onions were on!!!
and I have an extra of something to hold on to as I walked back towards JS again
who was still sitting impatiently on the table at the food court eating area
then...........ooOOOooooooo BANANAS!!!!
all sort of fried bananas products!!!!
BBQ Bananas, deep fried Bananas, Banana Doughnuts, Banana balls

wahhhh this fried banana is so's WHOLE UNSLICED piece of bananas
then those with banana leaves were coconut and banana paste
the flat ones on skewer were BBQ sliced bananas to be eaten with a type of syrup

but I bought this
this pic was taken after we ate 60% of it...
so for RM 3 there's a huge bunch it

the beauty about this fried banana was they used a mixture of glutinous rice flour in their batter
with coconut milk
so it's extremely CRUNCHY with the fragrant coconut milk and occasional bites of sesame seed
I went back for this EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!
for breakfast, for tea, for pre-dinner, for supper
then I also saw some cute lil pork sausages
some with Thai Basil and Chili
some with toasted grains innit

Thai sausages are really yummy, u can find them on the street everywhere
do try em :)))))))))))))
so I bought some
my final detour was this fried Fish cake wrapped with century egg or salted duck egg

it was as huge as a tennis ball
the fish paste on the outside is pretty well balance in taste with bites of green long beans
as u munch on it, u can taste a kaleidoscope of lemon grass, galangal, ginger flower and chilis

upon each order, they will cut it into slices like be eaten with their homemade sweet sticky chili sauce
so u get to choose century egg or this salted duck egg....and obviously I couldn't finish both so I had to settle for the most difficult decision that morning......

after it seems like forever....
I was finally back at the table with my early morning haul
:D heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

JS -_- at first...coz I took so long to return, coz he must be thinking either the queue at the toast bread place is too long or their bread is not ready
then when he laid his eyes on my hands full of yummy goodies he went T_T

"wat??? u wanna feed the entire food court here?"
"Heeeeeeeeee dun like tat lar"

JS waited patiently as Monkey chomp chomp nom nom quietly on her own
"I fat or not???"
"U say leh??"

"hmmm I think I'm I can eat sumore."
JS ~.~ "Can we go yet?"

Siam Paragon's Foodhall is highly recommended...
do take ur time to browse the other international brand of food chain that we can't find in Msia
if u like u can return here every day coz there's too much to eat.
a note: those cooked food stall requires u to purchase a card bcoz they uses the couponing system while the other stalls nearer to the supermarket uses cash

Siam Paragon Food Hall,
Rama 1 Road,
Pathuwan, Bangkok.


Chasing Food Dreams said...

heard so much about this place... hope I get to go... unfortunately, my other family (going with me) is not as normal as me to go all the way just for food.. hehehe

Pork leg rice, baby sausage and fish cake... you are already on my list!! XD

CHER-RY said...

you can always come here for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks/tea time...sure got chance one :)))

Pippi said...

Hi, what time Siam Paragon open for breakfast? Plan to go to Bangkok in Oct. Btw, very nice blog :)

CHER-RY said...

Hello Pippi :)) Thank you for dropping by, they are open from 10am until 10pm.

Please check out their website here: