Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Birthday.....

 was born on this very same day 32 years ago
weighing a whopping 3.6kg i was a heavy baby
hmmm how come in the pic I looked so tiny and fragile???

everyone commented I had the thickest curliest and darkest hair in the ward
as I grew, everything was the other way around..
I was light and thin, with brown straight hair
Not to forget with HUGE EYES to kill
*what happen to them now???? they are small n tiny*

and my FACE!!!!
was so square, it's as if I have 2 rambutans stucked inside each cheek
hmmmm doesn't resemble me at all
now I m suspecting my archives of old pics were from a different baby
-_- conspiracy........hmmmm.......
One thing for sure, right now I looked like my grandmother who's serani = Portuguese + local
the name Serani was given by Malays to refer to Nasrani, followers of Jesus the Nazrene

I grew up with my grandma since I was a baby
and she adored me like hell
she's oso the reason I'm notorious and notti
hua hua hua....
coz even before I could walk....I'm known for...
bullying other babies/kids
can't remember which poor baby was this being bullied by me
as I flipped through my archives, the photos were a hilarious documentation of him crying n running away fr me :P

My grandma dotted me so much that it is OK to bully ppl
it is fine to tear up a 10 year old's school homework...
as I was tearing the pages apart...with the kid crying, my grandma was telling the kid's mommy that it is OK
it is OK to bite ppl
and OK to b notti and aggressive even if it means that I took a knife and start sawing an auntie's finger

story was, this Auntie has got a 6th finger = thumb on her left hand, it's a congenital anomalies....I was less than 3 years old...and counting that she has got an extra digit, I decided to help her by sawing it with a knife while she was seated on the floor chit-chatting having tea with my grandma
gosh....I m beyond help even at 3 years old :P
so my grandma has trained me to be this strong since I was a baby
hence I'll never ever be bullied
it's survival skills but hey I'm not encouraging this for your kids

I bit other kids at playground
I snatched toys
I get whatever I wanted
even if it means everything in a toy shop

When I was 4, my daddy brought me to a toy shop and asked me wat do I want?
I said everything....and everything was purchased with a lorry delivering everything in a few hours time back to our home
this is my Mommy in her twenties
everytime when she's back to see me, she suffered great ordeal of mental stress bcoz there will be a line of aunties lodging complaints about me...

could be the neighbours, friends and even the fishmongers
coz apparently I grabbed a fistful of sand n threw at his fishes in the market
I didn't know why I did tat

check the pic, and notice the streaks of tears on my cheek?
yeah of her coming back = whacking time
she whackd me for misbehaving
stuffed chilis in my mouth for biting ppl *now I can damn eat chilis, txs to her*
and re-enacted sawing ppl's fingers off....wuahahahahaha
my Mom is notorious too
and after all the punishment I alwiz get a new I wondered does it really help with the punishments?
No wonder my Mommy seldom smiles in pic
coz I'm helluva stressful kid
I'm blessed she didn't throw me into a kid rehab or something
only later in life when she grew sideways and me skywards....she started smiling again
heeeeeeeeee :))))))))

so on this very special gloriuos day I wanna thank my family members
for giving Life and breathe to me
went through hell and armageddon with me
provided everything for me even if it means in abnormal ways
nothing has to be the norm coz I'm special
for there's only one Notti Monkey in this world
also my dearie friends for sticking by this monster, even if it means u have to be bullied
wuahahahahahahhaha *I am cruel to be kind*
lastly my readers who have been with me on this journey of life

Happy Birthday to me


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Monkey@Cherry! Tak sangka you are so ganas lah!! LOL.
Aunty looks pretty..and you still have that same face. (last 2 pics).
*hey...that last pic was taken at Strawberry Park Resort, Cameron Highland, rite?

licheng said...

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend that I have known since kindergarten. On to school and also uni, always able to pick up where we left off during my trips bck. Truly appreciate your friendship throughout the years and hopefully for many more to come. You have an awesome day and celebration! Happy Birthday again! :)

CHER-RY said...

Melissa, hehehehe u haven't really know me don't ya :P..yea I think it was Cameron Highland..can't really remember that. Getting old and my brain storage can't be upgraded

Kindy Chai, thank u for ur wishes...I really appreciate and treasure our friendship...and now our long distance relationship :P

mef said...

A very happy and blessed Birthday Cherry.

Have an awesome day.

CHER-RY said...

Thank you MEF :))))) I like ur email :D

Chasing Food Dreams said...

a bit late but...

Happy Belated Bday!

love the pics lah... and you looked so much like yr mom...

so how did you celebrate yr special day?? ;)

CHER-RY said...

Thanks Food Dreams. I think I looked more like my grandma lar :P

I spent time with myself :))) ME-Time is so precious these days. Now I wanna dedicate one day a week for myself...heheheheh got addicted to it ady. My boss is not gonna be happy reading this :P

CHER-RY said...

Thanks Food Dreams. I think I looked more like my grandma lar :P

I spent time with myself :))) ME-Time is so precious these days. Now I wanna dedicate one day a week for myself...heheheheh got addicted to it ady. My boss is not gonna be happy reading this :P

May Ng said...

Happy belated birthday Cherry! Great post as always , and I hope you had a birthday as awesome as you are :)))

CHER-RY said...

Thank you for the wishes May :))))