Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hokkaido Santouka Ramen, Pavilion KL

a bowl of ramen is comfort food to me :))))))))))))))
so on a glorious Sunday, we headed to Pavilion KL for brunch

JS was curious coz I dun like to get down to malls on weekends
esp malls that I hang out/work at on weekdays
*yes all my appointments are done either in KLCC, Starhill, Pavilion KL, Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88, The Gardens, Midvalley - now u understand why I dun stay in the office?*

so he probed further why r we heading to Pavilion KL on a Sunday morning
def not for food :P
and eventually he got the answer....Bottega Veneta pre-sales :P
I was there to book pieces but then nothing that I fancied coz my eyes were darting at their new arrivals instead
T_T failed....so we took comfort in FOOD :))))))))))))))

Soon we landed ourselves at Santouka Ramen
and ordered spicy ramen while JS had Premium Pork Cheek ramen
it's RM 40 a bowl yo!!!!

Spicy ramen came with this....
da bomb!!!!
definition of melts in ur mouth
pic speaks for itself so I dun have to elaborate

the succulent pork cheek with its condiments - bamboo shoots, leeks, black fungus.

Santouka was established back in 1988 at Hokkaido
now it has mushroomed all over under the same franchise

bomb for me was this pork cheek char siu which was seared with a torch

there!!! upclose pics!!!
dun come and haunt me if u are hungry as u read :P

since we *ok ok only me* were greedy bugger, we ordered more condiments
of sweet corns, egg, more leeks and bamboo shoots
the bamboo shoots weren't fantastic
I'll prefer the fresh one anytime - sashimi style :))
also the must have par-boiled egg
prices of condiments range from RM 1 - 3

not a bad place to grab a bowl of noodle
but if u wanna compare with Ippudo in Singapore...please don't
again we must alwiz take into account this is Malaysia and it will never ever be of that standard
but I'm glad at least we have a quite decent place for a bowl of ramen

Now I missed Ippudo ramen in Singapore
just realised I forgot to blog bout it after my visit last year and now the pictures are nowhere to be found
so looks like it's time to revisit Ippudo :)))

and lastly, JS's homemade ramen is the biggest bomb
with its stock boiled for more than 12 hours like a volcano
hahaha yes I know I didn't blog bout that....:P

anyway if u have nothing to do and happens to be at Pavilion KL go and have that contented bowl of simple ramen :))))

Hokkaido Santouka Ramen,
Level 6, Pavilion KL,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2143 8878


Food Dreams said...

Love this place lah... still one of the best in Msia! ;)

That pork cheek was almost-to-die-for..kakaka

JS made ramen.. fuyoh!! There really is nothing he cannot do hor?? Do blog as would luv to see his 'bomb' ;)

licheng said...

We have Ippudo Ramen in NYC (good stuff) and Santouka Ramen in San Diego and LA..yummm

FOODnTRAVELla said...

I love Shio Ramen esp the milky pork broth which is flavourful and springy ramen. I ordered their set lunch and it comes together the main (ramen), chawanmushi, salad, hot tea and bowl of rice with char siu.

Melissa said...

I like the ramen from this place....hehe

CHER-RY said...

yup this place is recommended :))))

I will look for those pics of JS's ramen :)))) else will get him to suffer and cook again so we can blog bout it :P

Rebecca Saw said...

oohhh.. hv u tried the new ones in 1U?

CHER-RY said...

Hi Rebecca, what is the name of the outlet in One U? :)