Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dinner at Sage, Kuala Lumpur

Tranquility inside the restaurant~~~~~~
the right temperature, the soft lights
crease-less stain-less white table cloth
cutlery arranged millimetre apart
white comfy leather seats

and the smell of yummy good food whipping out fr the open kitchen
aaaAAaaa all my senses were just triggered at the right place
as opposed to the chaos outside
of RAIN, thunderstorm, TRAFFIC JAM
messiness and ankle deep water
noise and air pollution

luckily I was at The Gardens 3 hours earlier *for biz meetings etc*
so all of the above did not apply to me
well if u wanna have a nice dinner, u'll need to set the mood for it right?

When we arrived, our table was already set
and we were the 1st set of guests
coz I supposed all the other guests were either stucked in the jam or in their office staring down at the horrific jam fr their windows???
the Maitre'D Fendi has got such impeccable precision when it comes to services
based on the wines brought, he laid down all the correct glasses
*sorry I'm just amazed coz this is SO RARE in Malaysia*

other restaurants usually give us thick bordeaux glasses even after we specified Burgundy please
-_- we have yet to ask for barolo glasses and so on and on etc
but the worst experience ever was at Zeta Bar last week where they served my martini on a PLASTIC COCKTAIL GLASS!!!!!!
so now u know wat I mean about RARE???

this is our usual table for a setting of 4 pax
but since we have a forum that evening, we got a longer table

carpaccio of Hokkaido scallop with black winter truffles
topped with Sakura Cress

yea this dinner was done in February??? hence the availability of winter truffles
I have been lagging behind my posting...and there's 2 Sage dinner still pending

I was craving for this yummy beefy consomme
thinly sliced slightly seared beef
can just eat these alone
then came the consomme in a teapot
truly a comfort food...gimme this anytime!!!!!
esp on a rainy day :)))))))))))

alio olio pasta for the men
they can't live without their carbs don't they???
nope, this isn't in the menu
the other pasta was the fedellini pasta with loads of truffles
yep this was fr the truffles menu
Chef Daniel supervising his team
as usual the guy in green is only responsible for washing all their cutleries
we call him the Auto-washer
in an open kitchen concept like this....there's nothing u can hide..so it has to be SPANKING CLEAN!!!
it has to be THIS CLEAN at all time!!!
even all the pots and pans were SPOTLESS

Chef Daniel, can I borrow your Auto-Washer please??? He's doin such a fantastic job, plus I have got plenty of pots and pans at home needing some well-deserved scrubbing
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)))))))))))))
Aged Angus Tenderloin with generous shavings of Black Winter Truffles
with sautee-ed mushrooms and asparagus on the side
We were pretty tame that nite...coz it's still a weekday
well that was those months....this mth bcoz of Birthday Month...the weekday rules didn't apply at all
plus we have an unopened champagne
a bottle of RSV on a weekday - I likey very much hahahahhaha
a really pretty limited DP :))))))))
well Ladies are suckers for rare, limited edition, special colors stuffs, nice packaging
so if u wanna catch a lady's biz...please take in mind all of the above conditions.

but for certain ladies like Monkey and Peakie D
the most important way through our hearts & stomachs are GOOD FOOD and GREAT WINES

Dark chocolate fondant with homemade early grey tea ice cream
forgot to snap pic when the fondant flow out like volcano

special of the day - homemade vanilla ice cream on mille feuille pastry and shavings of truffles

Mille Feuille of Strawberry with Cointreau Ice Cream
this is my all-time favourite :))))
coz it's light, has got all the texture and not overly sweet
the Happy People after a Happy Meal
hugging our tummies home
tee hee hee

I'll need to blog faster...

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar
Level 6 The Gardens Residences,
Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2268 1328


Chasing Food Dreams said...

tell me about it.. I m almost a year behind those food that I ate ... hahaha...

eyeinig the Truffle pasta.. seemed that its more truffles than pasta!!
I ll take beef and desserts too pls..

CHER-RY said...

Hello FD: I guess they were very generous with truffles that evening....hahahaha.

Yes I still have tonnes of posting fr ages ago...gosh...