Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joanne L by Joanne Low

remember this pair of necklace?
well if u don' bout it here again *click*

Monkey got her hands on it 2 weeks ago
muaks muaks muaks
it's so so so beautiful and I lurve everything about it
the kaleidoscope of its semi precious stones, esp when the lights go thru it

Jewelries are so addictive...and I wanted more
and more and more and more.....
the designer Joanne L was so helpful and sent me pics of all the stones she has got, for Monkey to pick and choose and she made me a few pairs of earrings outta them
oh gawd.....jewelries are really a gal's best friend :))
Turquoise and blue are my favourite colors this season
I think soon it's citrine for autumn
and maybe caramel brown :))))

Joanne presented them in a pretty fuchsia box layered with more thin crisp fuchsia papers
How can any gal not like them?!?!?!?!?


You may check out Joanne L's private collection all custom made and designed by herself at her Atelier,
on her Facebook page here:


Chasing Food Dreams said...

very exquisite.. lov the colors u chose cos its very unique!!

Anonymous said...

Yahh...I remember them!
That's very pretty. I like the turquoise earring ^_^

CHER-RY said...

Thank you ladies :))))) Looks like I'll be getting more beautiful creations from Joanne L soon :)))