Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bubble gum anyone?

I was yawning my mouth wide and round during our weekly french lesson
then I shuffled through my Balenciaga bag for mints
shart!!! ran out of stock...

sensing my needs, my classmate Peakie D whipped out an aluminium container with the ever familiar sounds of sweets knocking the wall of its container
it was so loud, it raised the eyebrow of our french teacher

then I saw it's a Foie Gras bubble gum
errrr am I gonna do this?
my facial reaction was as usual --> over-reacted with a big O on my lips
our french teacher walked over to check out my goodies

Teacher: "Oh la la la....bonbon!!!"
*bonbon = sweets in french*
he saw it's a foie gras bon bon, he went shrieking like a gal

then it's our turn shrieking in laughter
it's the first time, that I see a French native who doesn't take foie gras

wanna know the tasting notes?
it tasted exactly like one
weird but I'm glad I tried it
Peakie D got this from New York City, so if u are lookin for it in Malaysia, I'm afraid u won't be able to find it....

it has got really great length and the taste lasted so long
our french teacher kept complaining that our breathe stinked after that

est-ce que vous voudrais le bonbon?


Chasing Food Dreams said...

holy smoke.... foie gras bubble gum... what next? truffle bubble gum? wagyu bubble gum?? lol.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh la la la!! This is so new to me ;-)

CHER-RY said...

hahahaha just fancy gourmet food stuffs. Guess they alwiz need to think of creative stuffs to make business huh? :)))))