Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Steamboat at Prestigious Mein

Tell me who doesn't like steamboat???
esp when its broth has been prepared meticulously, cooked for freaking god knows how many hours
*pork bones, chicken carcass etc*

Last Saturday we were the lucky guests to be invited over to Prestigious Mein's place

Monkey: "Okie wat u want me to bring?"
like her usual corporate self, this strong lady gave instructions and empowered monkey
Prestigious Mein: "Thinly sliced pork belly and mutton...and if u can't get them, please let me know a day in advance."

those who doesn't know her will think she just lurve to boss around
but she's just straight, direct and hit everything on the eye
I like working this way...because that's very ME too
no beating round the bush, performing indian dances *oppsss Macho Mani*

she got everything prepared once we arrived at her condo
everything was so neatly packed in multiple sizes of containers according to the size of its food
so it makes it so much easier to re-pack should we not finish the food
and yes...we couldn't finish

She also made really yummy yummy super yummy "Sui Kow" aka chinese dumplings
and 2 days ago, at a power photoshoot, I managed to dig the recipe outta her..
though everything was a 1/3.... 2/3 agak agak kinda recipe, I'll attempt it soon and share it with u guys :)))) and hopefully my poor guinea pig at home aka JS will get to have some decent dinner cooked by Monkey
the MEN waited patiently while the food cooked
now I understand why MEN are not fans of steamboat
just too much of efforts and time
plus u need to cool pieces of cooked meat before u can chomp them down
else u'll burn

well I guess it's like a lesson about women
they need time and you need to have patience
efforts and time
and once u have them, u can't just chow them down or u gonna get burn
worse.....get urself into big big big trouble
YS seen here enjoying his thinly sliced pork cooked by his beloved wife Beautiful CS

but I must say, steamboat are really good communal food
most of all, it's healthy :)))
*Yes I repeat, healthy despite all the belly pork hahahahahaha*
I dunno why we lurve to stand
YS burnt himself....hahahahaha
and I'm still standing
my theory gets processed faster in your digestive system if u are standing
no no no....just kidding.
Steamboat is also known commonly as Hot Pot
it has got a history longer than Malaysia *hahahaha of coz*
about 1,000 years from China and usually eaten in Winter months

today, steamboat or hot pot have spread to so many other countries in Asia with different variation, esp those with a combo of BBQ meat on the side. Different ingredients and stock/broth are used today.

well I guess the key is put whatever u wanna eat inside
I prefer fresh ingredients, as in as natural and raw as possible, instead of those manufactured processed round/long balls that claimed to be made from meat or seafood
*the worse is crab sticks....I doubt there's 1% of crab innit*
the joy of eating steamboat is u can do pit stops and rest before continuing
we lurve to sink in and relax at our hostess's couch

Later, everyone joined in....

so it's either the couch or to the balcony for smokes
I wished the couch is on the balcony so I can sit while I smoke
or that the living hall is a smoking I can sit and smoke freely
sometimes in life, u can't have everything don't ya?

then it's back to more food and round number 2...or was it 3?
I can't really remember with all the bubblies we had

a couple of months ago, we discovered Marie-Courtin champagnes and never turn back since
U can now get them in Malaysia from Artisan Cellars
hmmmm I don't think the shop is ready or if there's gonna be any shop
right now we just liase with their office in KL
I was speaking to Connoisseur TH yesterday and he wanted to start a wine diary/blog online with me
well I think that's a fantastic idea to document wat u had and its tasting notes
problem is....I am quite suffocated with work and this blog, social life, travel, eating drinking bla bla yada yada

but I wanna do
*kept muttering to myself...sometimes in life u can't have everything...*
**on another note, if u insist on having everything, then do it 300% and make it worth all the trouble**

our caretaker alwiz - Macho Mano
he has got a beautiful nose.....I'm sure Sweet Devil Rachel and his kids gonna be so good looking!!!
he's still keeping his hair ala Richard Gere style and colors :)))

after all the yummy food it's CLEANING time!!!!
everything was washed up in less than 10 mins

can I have sumore champagne please while I'm doin the dishes?
nope we didn't break anything....
everything was spanking clean and dried by the ladies
we make a very good team
and soon we were back to the comfy couch enjoying our fruits and conversation
dinner was so healthy I don't think the men were satisfied with their meal
then Macho Mani brought out a bottle of whisky and Prestigious Mein with coke
but we didn't have any
instead the ladies had Shoju
Shoju made me tipsy and do silly kawaii things
nah...I guess I had too much of champagnes coz Macho Mani wasn't drinking and I drank on his behalf.
Beautiful CS and YS
YS isn't a champagne person either, okie okie next time we bring red wines for u

I remembered the last time I had champagnes with this group, Shy Chatwin was holding the glass awkwardly and say he felt like a "lady"
okie I get it...champagnes are ladies' drinks huh?
actually that's not true :P
Prestigious Mein the host and Sweet Devil Rachel
so I guess the next meet-up is next 2 weeks huh?
more champagnes then but I'll be bz with other donating money to H&M
digging out more chocolates
we have big cc stomachs

Macho Mani, YS and JS

I like JS's shirt *coz I got it for him in overseas, ahem*
anyway he won't buy pink shirt with turquoise lining
he said it's very gay hahahahahaha

well the men lurve their conversation
it's all about CARS, cars, CARS, cars, CARS, cameras, CARS, cars, CARS
we ladies can't be talking about SHOES, shoes or bags the whole evening

Prestigious Mein, Sweet Devil Rachel, Monkey and Beautiful CS
we have too many topics to discuss about....
it's about WORK, business, world issues, economy's outlook
no...I'm just kidding...hahahahha
but seriously, it's all about it because it's been affecting our career and stress level

but later towards the evening
when we turned tipsy.....
I know my tongue is sharp
so never ever start an argument with me

That was a great evening of catching up
haven't been doing this a lot recently, all bcoz of work
what has life become?

I really do missed those good old time like this *click to read*
but then we need to grow up, life gets complicated, portfolio gets bigger, dealing with people that caused us hypertension
so I guess cherish the moment that u have at that very instant, for we don't know if we gonna re-live that again *sometimes never again*

Folks, u worked u deserved to enjoy your life
hey, sometimes u gotta know how to enjoy life u know?
it's good for your soul

Thanks again Mein
my tummy had a whale of time hahahahha


Chasing Food Dreams said...

I really enjoy steamboat with loads of sliced meats and fresh vegetables. The only bola bola I will take is pork balls...kekeke.

Its true, there should be some fun in life besides work, else what are we really living for then??? ;)

neil said...

New hairband!!! It looks lovely on you! =)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!!! I know...H&M opening soon! :-D hard & enjoy life at the same time =)
And I see you manage both pretty well ....

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: Well said!!!! We should live to eat hahahahhaa

Nee Lee: Thank you dear :)))

Melissa: hehehhehe yes are u coming for the VVIP launch on the 20th? 20% discount :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

Its on weekday =(
I forsee its gonna be crowded. Rmbr when Uniqlo firstly open in KL? I queued from morning to noon just to get into the shop!

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: It's the VVIP launch on the 20th before opening to the public on 22nd. So no queue-ing needed :))))

Anonymous said...

I know the host! She is at my shop like every alternate week.... :)


CHER-RY said...

Hi Elly :))) it shows your shop is really popular lor...even my roomies go there...hehehehehe