Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seafood at the back of Imbi Road

This place is not for the faint hearted
if u wanna come here to dine
u better be bold and brave

coz the crowd here is scary
the fire fr the open kitchen hits u if u sit too near

and u have lil friends with 6 legs walking around
and also bigger and not so lil friends who are black + long tail under your table
the last bit was the one that scared the hell out of us
anyway the food was FANTASTIC
so in order to satisfy our tummy,
we took the risk......put all the lil and bigger unpleasant friends aside
the cleanliness issue apart
and dine there with style.
*well as usual*
I dunno wat shell/clam/snail u call this
kam heong style
Imperial stock clams with ginger and chilis
the soup was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!
sweet & sour mud crab
the sauce was yummy yummy
fried rice was so good
it wasn't enuff
it has the "wok-hei" that gave it the good flavor.

"What do u call wok-hei in english yea?"
Nobody on the table knows.......
so Monkey text-ed JS

30 secs later, came a reply.
"Breathe of FIRE"
haizzzzzzzzzzz -_-"
garlicky prawns and I think I had like 8 pieces?
some green Kale to go with all the seafood
u wanna know why was he smiling and so happy
and so unusual of him in all the pics taken

guess again!!!!!!!!
coz he took this pic ALONE!!!!
Prestige Mein said she had a long long long day
esp on the road with the unbelievable JAM
Sweet Devil Rachel said "chiaaakk"
Beautiful CS was so stuffed but can run so fast when she saw BIG BLACK friends
yep me still with my fork + spoon

we must again yea...
maybe we should sit nearer to the exit
*easier to run when lil friends are around*
and far away fr the fire
*i don't wanna get my eyebrow burnt fr watching the chef*

it's at the back of Starhill
accessible from Jalan Imbi,
turn into Jalan Padang.
It is just next to the open car park.
U won't miss it.

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