Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dinner at Couchie George

It rained like cats & dogs
spoilt our mood to go out for lamb chops
Saint Veeny was soooooo looking fwd to lamb chops
but the rain deterred us....

we walked home in the RAIN
from Chocolat Cafe till Kolonaki
though armed with umbrellas
it weren't enuff.
*thank u Dinos the GREAT and the GREATEST for this rainy walk*

we went home pouring rain water outta our boots
and draining our socks.
it was that bad...
so we decided to have dinner at home
with whatever that's available fr Couchie George's kitchen.
we have tonnes of gourmet hams in the fridge
and yummy salamis
have u seen a salami made fr DEER meat?
*pic stolen fr Dinos's camera*
he took a nicer shot
Couchie George named his DEER meat salami Rudolph

Couchie George: "U want to try Rudolph, lil monkey????"
me no likey Pate~~~~
JS prepared pasta
ermmm wat else???
:)))) after all he's the Pasta King
alio olio
sauteed french beans
Couchie George took out his specialty......
wine cured sausages
fire starter at the balcony
that's how u bbq your sausages at the balcony
Couchie George.......dun burn down Kolonaki yea.
wow look at the BBQ-ed sausages
Saint Veeny putting the final touches to the pasta with some shaved parmesan
the waiting for food look for the two lazy buggers who do not cook!!!!
but we were hardworking eaters OK!!!
but I set the table up!!!!!
Honey want some crackers????
to go with the cheese
the cheese platter
extremely good fresh butter
check the color
we were seriously BUTTER EATER
extra Parmesan for Couchie George
everyone can't wait to dig in but I must have the 1st pic first..
it's a RITUAL!!!

well eventhough there's no food at home....
we still managed a FEAST.

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