Monday, January 12, 2009

Athens Presidential Guards

Mr. Presidential Guards who's soooo TALL
they have to be at least 187m....and are called Evzones not attempt this coz I got chased away
see I lived it up to my notti monkey title
Evzones do this as part of a military service
and it is an honour to be selected
coz u have to be SUPER PERFECT to be one.
and it begins....
lifting their legs at a sharp 90 degrees
and "WHAM"
the sound came fr the clogs and the gun hitting the floor
he carried a Garand semiauto rifle
the pavement has lost its grain over the years....thanks to their marches.
and lift it higher to show me his cute butt
it has to be at a perfect angle
I can feel the ache on his back
and on the other side, another Evzones marching
together they met in the middle
I like the poms poms at the end of their shoes :))))))))
and helllooooo to u partner!!! let's change side
they never smiled at all for the cameras -_-
they have 3 sets of uniforms
one for summer, one for winter...and one for Sunday formal useit's like mirror image eh?
yeah that's wat I has to be that perfect!!!
These guards were guarding the President's home
*in fact the actual guards were like a batalion walking around in army uniform and some in suits*
it was certainly a surreal experience to watch these guards marching
on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.

We didn't catch the formal session which was held on every Sunday,
too many tourist around and I don't think I can get this close either.

Does Msia have such changing of guards???

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