Monday, January 19, 2009

Akasha @ Zeta Bar

Received this invitation in my inbox right after Monkey got back in KL
I've been missing out in all parties from Xmas through New Year.
that long huh?
First face to greet me at the entrance...Claude Claudia
Been some time since I last caught up with her,
this gal is alwiz this slim
wat kind of gene is that???
I want!!! GIMME!!!
Loud Kiran was with Claude Claudia waiting for the clock to strike 10pm
coz that's when they can go home!!!!
Baby Wei, Hot Mama Thevi, Sweet Devil Rachel
I was an hour late and made a superstar entrance
Beautiful CS & Monkey

the crowd was so hyper
with all the mak datins grooving to the beat
and I was still so sober.
Sweet Devil & So Hilt Sharon
before alcos
"2 more drinks for me plssssss"
after 2 more drinks..........
"I want MORE!!!"
AKASHA was so farking HAWT
got me glued to my seat listening to their powerful voice
Baby Wei spotted a new haircut
Beautiful CS with Forever Glam Kee
noticed his shirt?

well I should have taken a pic of his pants plus shoes...
they were painted with his faces all over it.
-_- So am I supposed to look at those faces when talking to u?
It was Datin Azlina's birthday
thanks to Sweet Devil Rachel, she was pulled to the stage
and before I can sip my drink, all of us were pulled to dance with Datin
and AKASHA sang her a beautiful Happy Birthday
Have a merry Happy Birthday, stay smashing and beautiful maam
catch up soon ya!
Hot Mama Thevi, So Hilt Sharon
Oh yea....pose more, I'll snap more
Sweet Devil Rachel & Peakie D
Definition of hawt-ness
spot Forever Glam Kee's jeans............
his naked painting

So I'm HAWT and u are NOT
It was a fantastique performance
Thank you to So Hilt Sharon
for bringin Akasha back again
group picture
minus No-Longer-Available-JH who had to go home
coz we conned him with "iced lemon tea" which was "Long Island Tea"
it hit him once he reached home.

And also Baby Wei who was a Cinderella that nite,
who left before the clock strike 12...
where's your glass slipper?

so folks, go catch AKASHA at Zeta Bar, Hilton KL
they will be here for 3 months..


neil said...

eh... no girl-kiss-girl pic this time? :P

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: can't have that all the time or it will lose its novelty.

Anonymous said...

so nice from u :D come again gyals!!!!!!

CHER-RY said...

Izabelle: Thank u for dropping by. U gals were fantastique. Will definitely come again. HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys Zeta need matured band, not the young girls! Of course they will attract some men to Zeta, but it not the best way to attract crowd.

Anonymous said...

did you ever see their performance?
you might change your mind...