Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sunday walk at Monastiraki, Athens

Seville orange trees were everywhere along the streets
this one taken outside Couchie George's office
yep he stays 200m away fr work at Kolonaki
the best-est place to be in Athens
where all the aristocrats live

the word aristocrats derived fr Greek word aristokratia
which means the rule of the best
since we are staying there....we must ensure that we behave like one...
easy peasy......just walk with your nose up high on the air and carry a LV all the time.
oh and dun forget your Manolos.

despite all the snobs there....I lurve Kolonaki.
JS & Monkey walking on the marble pavementnope...they are not edible....though looked like lettuceoooOOooo Koulouri with lotsa lotsa sesameit's all covered in it~~~~~Couchie George got us one to share :))))))))
selling at 0.6 Euro = RM 3greeks lurve to have their coffee round the clockoh no...the rain is coming!!!!Couchi George under Saint Veeny's red umbrellaLaterena is a very very old greek musical instrument
this old man will keep winding and the music will come
only a few left I suppose...

hey do take some time to admire this pic coz I paid to have him photographed.
cartoon characters helium balloonswhen it's cold and wet..nice to have something warm :)))))))))))3 Euros for ten pieces
that's about RM 15I want fresh ones plssssss
oh yum!!!!
even nicer when u have someone by the name of JS to peel em for u

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