Friday, January 23, 2009

Dinner at Flamenco, Bukit Damansara

Beautiful CS & Monkey
it was raining cats & dogs
whole city was drowned not in water but with cars
I didn't know there's more cars than human in KL
Sweet Devil Rachel & Beautiful CS
As usual...these two "ah ma, ah lui" came together...

guess who's the ma who's the lui

ma = mother
lui = daughter
Hot Babe Shen came only 10 minutes late
10 MINUTES~~~~
*clap clap clap*
we were so happy coz we get to eat ASAP
JS brought a 1988 aussie bordeux
reason came from Limestone Ridge
limestone = limestone soil = mineral nose

but i didn't notice the mineral nose at all.
It was berries.
started off with tapas of crispy fried soft shell crab
I think our Cypriots and Athenians friends will luff at this pic
coz their calamari size is 4x this!!!!
let's just call it super baby dwarfy calamari :))))
wilted spinach with pine nuts
pan seared scallops in paprika sauce
mushroom bruschettas
Beautiful CS ordered this
seafood soup was yummy yummy
Sweet Devil Rachel took the recommendation by Ipohmali Daniel
and ordered the crab meat soup
finally something fr the old world, a red frenchie
All of us were pondering, wat were we doin in 88/89.

Sweet Devil Rachel: "I was still in primary school. Ha Ha Ha Ha"
my favourite crispy fish alio oglio...
Si Fu Lawrence....u miss this or not????
crispy beef bacon alio oglio
cubed prawns alio oglio
it was an alio oglio nite I supposed
Hot Babe Shen had this cod fish
Sweet Devil Rachel: "I waaannnttt myyyyy cchhhooocoooollaattteee dreeaaaaammmmmmm"

Sweet Devil Rachel: "Mimpi coklattttttttttttttttt!!!"

Beautiful CS: "U better order now kay...coz it will take some time to make."
dig your spoon in and the chocolate will oozzeeeeeeee out
Beautiful CS & JS
Earlier a few days ago:
Beautiful CS: "Eh....go and ask your JS will he take my out for dinner. Just me and him??"
Monkey: "Sure..." and texted JS

20 seconds later....
JS: "ah??? How can wor????"
He must be thinking I am testing his loyalty

So Mr. JS u have yet to answer us whether u are taking Ms. CS out or not????
Sweet Devil Rachel & JS
The Devil complained that JS almost never smile for the camera

JS: "Put a bottle of wine beside the camera and I will smile."
Sweet Devil Rachel did just that...
and voila!!!!!
the smile was from ear to ear.

anyway Hot Babe Shen & Sweet Devil Rachel left early to attend
some super important Ritual at Zouk KL.
update me bout your ritual using some exotic cage flown in fr France kay?

Flamenco Restaurant
No. 22, Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2093 0032

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