Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kebabs at Kolonaki

the place is actually a small lil outlet
with seatings along the sidewalk of a narrow street
which was bout 10 steps away fr Couchie George's bachelor pad
seats were so limited,
we had to wait for a while to lay our bums
so while waiting I took a peek at their small lil kitchen
can u see the rows and rows of kebabs being grilled????
freshly grilled pita bread....from the same kebab griller
Baby Coke
yogurt dip with lebanese cucumber
chips with herbs
grilled aubergines in spices
the ever popular boiled weeds/vege
salad of feta, tomatoes, lebanese cucumber
when it landed on our table
see the meat just turned pink...
so soft and juicy
Can't remember how many sticks I had
but Couchie George ordered enuff to feed the whole Somalia
grilled meat pattie
this is definitely a place to revisit again

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