Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tzitzikas & Mermincas, Athens

I think that's how u interepret the above...
Tzitzikas is greek for Cicada, a type of insect
while Mermincas is another type of bugs...
but believe me, not a single insects were seen flying around here.

We took a super long way to get to this place
to avoid the riots and demonstrators
and truckloads of heavily armoured police
yes, Greeks lurve rabbit meat..
I don't take rabbit meat nor hare nor bunny
coz they are just soo sooo soo adorable and innocent
which reminded me of my pet Chip Chip
*she passed away in 2004 :((((*
Pickled chilies and olives
I don't think I'll consume those mass produced olives
after I've tasted these excellent-fresh-fr-the-orchard olives
u just need to pickle them for about a week or so
so juicy and yummy.
rustic bread served on a rustic tray
the more air pocket u see inside = the longer they prove the bread
the thicker the crust = the longer u bake at a lower temperature
this place is Saint Veeny's favourite
serving traditional Greek home cooked food....
with a DIY table.
boiled weed/wild greens served with extra virgin olive oil and lemon
this dish is really popular and yummy....
mixed greens with lil balls of mozzarella
I kinda forgot wat do u call these, but it's deep fried meat pattie with cheese, vege, spices
my FAVOURITE steamed baby mussels
can anyone tell me where to buy baby mussels?
I don't take local mussels coz the meat is extremely tough and it's HUGE

I like my mussels small, petite, sweet and juicy
grilled fresh sardines
FRESH sardines

Greeks are so fussy with their food,
they don't take frozen seafood,
only FRESH ones.
If u wanna eat fried calamari, it has to be fresh!!!
If u wanna eat fish, it has to be fresh as in like arrived on the same day
If u wanna eat chips, it has to be peeled, cleaned and fried minutes before u serve them on the table.

After this trip,
I came back with a even more discerning taste bud.
Made JS's life in kitchen and groceries shopping so much more difficult
grilled sardines to be eatend with lemon juice and spanish onions
In KL, can get spanish onions at Bangsar Shopping Centre

well to u all Greeks, all these ingredients seemed so easily accessible
for us msians....I can't even get good tomatoes.
not even Roma nor Momotaro
they dun taste like those in Greece/Cyprus.
it's like eating a red fruit with seeds + water + skin.
grilled squid with grilled vegetables and chips
it was grilled to perfection with crispy edges
soft and tender
oh yummmmmmmmmmmmm
my favourite dessert in Greece
GREEK ICE CREAM PUFFSS served with dark chocolate and nuts
the puffs were PUFFY with a crunch on the outside
inside was a giant scoop of Greek ice cream
Dinos the Great & Saint Veeny
Saint Veeny was spending her last afternoon in Athens
before heading back to Limassol for work
yeah imagine been away fr home for a month...
GAH I dun wanna imagine the table at work!!!
or the emailssssssssssssss
JS was so sleepy after all the great food
he needs to walk more
a shot of Ouzo
anise flavored spirit to aid digestion
it was invented back in the Byzantine era

and Monkey never like it
but as usual Dinos the Great was so enthusiatic bout me trying everything
*u wait....u come to Msia, I'm gonna make u eat everything*
**oh but wait...u've already eaten everything including insects and the biles of the snakes!!!!**

so I was damn Layan-ing and tried
Glug Glug Glug
more water plsssssssssssssssssss

This place is the place to be
if u wanna get good fresh home cooked greek food
really really authentic Greek food!!!!


Odin Cards said...

you look damn funny in the 2nd last pic lol.....

looks like a drunk monkey

CHER-RY said...

Joo: Yea the spirit was too strong. :P. Last pic was me drinking clean my palate.